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  1. The old Cutting Edge afterburners were underscale, too. Sierra Hotel made some nice afterburners, if you can find them. Everything I've seen from Reskit has been excellent. Speaking of Cutting Edge, don't bother with the F-4E conversion for the F-4C/D kit. The nose is a mess, just like the Revell nose. I once spent hours trying to fix the shape, but there were too many problems that just couldn't be fixed. Fortunately for me, Tamiya released the F-4E kit before I lost my mind battling the CE set. Ben
  2. If you want to build an F-4E in 1/32, your best bet is to track down the Tamiya kit. As has previously been noted, the Revell/Academy kits have shape issues. The old 1970s-vintage Revell F-4E kit is best avoided, as is the out of production Cutting Edge conversion for the Tamiya F-4C/D. I once spent many hours trying to correct the shape of the Cutting Edge nose, but it just wasn't possible. There was way too much wrong with it. Ben
  3. Congratulations! Welcome to the club! MARU5137's da Vinci quote is so true. Ben
  4. When weight comes off of the wheels, the oleo extends fully. As the gear retracts, that shrink link compresses the oleo so it will fit in the gear well. Most kit manufacturers omit this little detail and they also put the "spur" of the shrink link on the strut centerline. It should be slightly outboard. Here's the best video I could find. You can see the main gear oleos compressing as the gear retracts. Ben
  5. Just to help anyone in the future looking for Weasel F-100F info, I've added a scan of a photo of the rear instrument panel to my post above. Ben
  6. I’m hoping Hasegawa will eventually release right hand drive versions of their two street RX-7 kits. Ben
  7. One of my favorite cars at the VIR Gold Cup vintage races was a silver split bumper ‘70 Camaro. I think they said it had a 305 in it. It sounded soooo good at full speed down the front straight! Ben
  8. Hi Jeroen, Sorry for the delay. Turns out, I didn't have a scan of the Hasegawa part, but I do have a pic of the straps made by Pierre "Madman" Gertreut (sp?). I don't recall if he posted his amazing F-4S conversion of Tamiya's F-4J on LSP, but it was an ongoing thread on the F-4 Phantom email list for a long time. I had forgotten I had taken some pics of the F-4S at Udvar Hazy, too. I can provide much larger versions of these if you need them. Ben
  9. It should still be FS35237, the standard TPS upper color, however the paint faded like crazy. Your best bet might be to just eyeball it. Using the TPS colors right out of the bottles comes out way too dark for a plane that has spent more than a day or two in the sun. My plan for my Z-M F-4S is to start with the standard colors and add a lot of white. If you need any reference pics of the leading edge slats, I can post some of mine. I used strips of styrene under the leading edge to change the profile of the inboard slats on the Hasegawa kit I built a few years ago. For the outboards, I built up the slats a little with Milliput and sanded them to shape. I think I have a scan of the photo etched wing straps that came with the Hasegawa kit. I’ll post it when I find it, so you can reduce it to use as a pattern. Ben
  10. Perhaps they could fund it by selling off all of those confiscated yachts and private jets for scrap? Ben
  11. You might have better luck sending your artwork to someone who can print white. Here's a list I've put together of companies that can do this. I haven't dealt with any of them besides Indycals, as I haven't finished the artwork for the decals I want to print, but they've been recommended by others. Most of them require the artwork to be in a vector graphics file or a pdf. Note that some of these are in Europe. https://www.indycals.net/ https://highballgraphics.com/index.php/custom-decals/custom-waterslide-decals https://switchlinedecals.com/3-amigos-decals/ http://www.circletrackdecals.com/index.html https://tailormadedecals.webshopapp.com/en/ https://www.spotmodel.com/index.php?cPath=565 http://www.bvh-decals.de/index.php?id=579 Ben
  12. The decals were the least of the F-100 kits’ problems (in all three scales). Ben
  13. I thought he closed up shop. When he was trading, he was not very reliable, apparently due to health problems. I once waited over a year for some decals I ordered from him. I couldn’t get ahold of him to cancel the order and they eventually just showed up. Of the two sheets I’ve used, one broke up upon touching water and the other performed okay. Ben
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