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  1. Great scene! BTW, June Allison’s character in the movie is why they have a fast forward button on the remote! Ben
  2. Gasp! A proper ARN-101 cockpit! I’m in! Ben
  3. Nice build! I’ve heard this kit can be a little temperamental. The one thing I’ll miss about these cars vs the C8R is the thumping engine noise. I’d watch them at the VIR. The new car sounds like a Ferrari, although that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Ben
  4. Great build! I really like your solution for the engine bells. I built one last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Getting the tubing installed on the engines reminded me of that Three Stooges film where Curly "fixes" the bathtub plumbing. Ben
  5. Yeah, I’m just trying to get around making one from scratch because I’m lazy. Probably less than 30 minutes of work to make one. Ben
  6. If anyone gets one, I'll buy that ARN-101 antenna fairing from you! Ben
  7. Colin Furze He's a heck of an engineer/inventor/builder and he's also quite insane. and, his videos have great music! Ben
  8. Thanks for the sprue pics! The Minicraft kit looks pretty bland for what they charge for it. Ben
  9. Interesting book! I can’t find anything in it about specific crashes, though. Can you point me to the correct page, even though it’s probably staring me right in the face? Ben
  10. Info via ex-F-100 crew chief Larry Natrass: Capt. Bob Cass, flying #3 in F-100C 53-1718, hit a pole at Daytona Beach and damaged the aircraft. He landed safely and the jet was repaired and flown again. The same day, Capt. Bob Bell flying Slot in 55-2722, had to make an emergency landing at a Navy field due to an engine failure. I'm not a T-Birds historian, but I do confess to being something of an F-100 nut (my friends will say that's an understatement! ) I spent many hours working with Larry and Henk Scharringa to find which F-100s were flown by the T-Birds and who the pilots a
  11. Nice! I got to see the T-Birds with the F-100D and F-4E when I was a kid. Here are some pics my dad took in 1968 at McConnell AFB. I know there were other slides, but sadly, I've never been able to find them. Same with the F-4E slides. My dad was stationed at Hamilton AFB in 1964 and witnessed Capt. Devlin's F-105 crash. He said they sat on the ramp for about a week, then departed single-ship to Alabama (Maxwell AFB, IIRC) for modifications. They decided it wasn't cost effective to make the mods, so they stayed with the F-100D until they switched to the F-4E.
  12. This is good stuff! I need to order more, since I’m down to my last roll. I still use Tamiya tape for clear parts, and the Washi tape for almost everything else. If you cut it into thin strips (1-2 mm wide), you can get it to bend around smallish curves very well. Ben
  13. Be careful with Eastern Express. Their kits are best described as “rough” and are pretty expensive for what you get. Some of their newer releases are okay, but their older types have major accuracy issues. If you see one you’re interested in, head over to Airlinercafe.com and see what the forum denizens have to say. I have their Short 330 and 360 in progress, but they’ve both been sitting on the Shelf of Doom for a while. Too many better subjects to work on rather than beating these two into submission. On a better note, Zvezda makes some great airliner kits. Ben
  14. I've had some pretty bad reactions to CA fumes, too, regardless of the brand I'm using. Even a small whiff now will give me a reaction in my sinuses. I now use a fan, which helps. The last time I had a reaction, I was wondering if I needed to move to my spray booth any time I needed to use CA. A little Googling turned up lots of forum posts in different professions and hobbies, plus a scientific paper about CA-induced rhinitis and asthma in beauty professionals. Apparently, it's commonly used to apply eyelash extensions. Ben
  15. Following! I didn’t know there was another 1/48 C172 besides the Minicraft kit. Do the ESCI wheel fairings match those on the box art fairly well? Those are what the 172s I used to teach in had. The Minicraft 172 and 150 both have the early, pointier fairings. Ben
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