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  1. Hello, Just be aware that, in your first link, the Spitifire designated as Mk XVI is in fact a Mk XIV. These Spitfire were still operated by RIAF (before the creation of the PAF), and the RIAF never operated the Spitifre Mk XVI, as far as I know. Philippe
  2. Hello, All of the (few) pictures I have seen so far are of long tail F. Philippe
  3. Hello Radu and Randy Charles Neely is a very frequent poster on the P-51 SIG forum?, maybe it will be easier to contact him through this forum. You'll have to register to access the forum, but IMHO it is worth the hassle, since it is a very good source of info about the P-51, even for the rivet counter. Incidentally, it is my first post on LSP, so let me introduce myself shortly. I'm a 40 years old aviation and models enthusiast that got recently interested in large scale planes (in fact, since the release of the Hasegawa P-47, but I have to say that I waited this release for a long ti
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