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  1. Dave in your post above. Thought it was for the new release.Sorry Mike
  2. Parts show up on instruction sheet for the camra instal.Parts are in the Pacufic release I don't know anything about whats needed in the cockpit . Mike Horina
  3. How to order? I tried and PM said cant send Mike Horina
  4. Yep I don't see the air scoop in that picture Mike Horina
  5. TAG, thank you for this picture. Along with the previous picture it is just about all anyone could want or need. Mike
  6. Very close and it will help. Thank you. If possible, if anyone can show how the pipes are on the tank itself that would be appreciated also. Thanks again Juggernut. Actually I think it shows what I was looking for. Mike
  7. I am in need of a diagram that shows the plumbing for the P-51 Mustang with under wing pylons using the 110 gallon paper fuel tanks. Thanks for any and all help. Mike Horina
  8. Not happy to hear they are for the Revell G-6 kit. Still have too many Hase 109s left. Maybe these new parts can be used or modified to get something useful for the Hase kit. I think AIMS has the right idea of improving both the Hase and Revell kits, helping both kits with parts for both of the kits Mike Horina
  9. I will be there. Thursday& Friday Mike Horina
  10. I would try adding Tamiya Clear Blue to whatever version of Aluminum paint you are going to try and use. HTH Mike Horina
  11. I'm just about to start on mine. As Thierry said start with Hase G-10. I am using the nose parts from the G-10 and the fuselage parts off a G-6 kit. Cutting the G-10 kit parts that would attach the G-10 fuselage off and using the fuselage cut from the G-6 kit. If you have a G-14 kit available you could use the tail parts from that . I will cut the G-10 tail off at the trestle hole and do the same with the G-6 fuselage to so as to use the tall tail fin. Or if you have a spar G-14 kit that tail could also be used, and just use the instructions from the G-6/G14 Good Luck. Or if you can get a Revell G-6 cheap you could usethe rear fuselage from that and use the Hase G-10 kit as above. Mike Horina
  12. Ray and RBrown,thank you both . The info was just what I was looking for. Thanks again. Mike Horina
  13. Can someone point me to the various camo patterns used by various manufacturers of the Me 109G/Ks late war ? Thanks in advance for any help. Mike Horina
  14. Very nice job. I like how you used a variety of AM parts and got them together so nicely. Your paint job looks great. I would like to ask you or anyone who could answer a question. On the Hase 109G-10 kits there is a different belly cover (sorry don't know the tech name) then what is used in the G-6 and G-14 releases that has a thin cover slot that can be cleaned out to open a slot for clearing out the used shell cases. Sorry to ask here, but I saw that your build uses the larger gun ,but there is no slot for the shell cases. Of course maybe the Erla G-10s did something else. Again great build an sorry to have asked the ? here. Mike Horina
  15. Wegner , No I didn't remember or I didn't remember seeing it Thank you that proves some of what i thought. Scott, Thank you Mike Horina
  16. I am using an AM interior set for a 109G kit, There are wire bundles in a couple of areas. What color would these be. Instruction sheet not that informative. At one time I never even did interiors just used kit parts. However that being said I thought I ask and try to fine some accurate info. Once upon a time, I can remember doing them White, not sure so I'm asking for help TIA Mike Horina
  17. I'm in . I think the masks are a great way to make this happen. Again count me in. Mike Horina
  18. How do you power your AB ? Maybe something went wrong a/c outside temperature. Air tank to cold, compressor moisture?
  19. If using the first release kit of the Tamiya P-51 please be aware that both superchargers, the one from the Tamiya Spitfire kit and one for the Tamiya P-51 kit are included and there is a difference that you can see. Especially if you use the wrong one. HTH Mike Horina
  20. Andy, Thank you. Wonderful job,well done. It was a pleasure to watch you overcome some dunting problems and be able to create such a neat clean finished model . NICE Mike Horina
  21. Could just be a shadow of the gentlmen's leg, just saying. Mike Horina
  22. Having built 3 Hasegawa P-40s 2 as Fs and 1N my view is. It looks like the Nose cap is too pointed and not sure I like the way the exhausts are to be installed. However I like the way the Trumpeter wheel wells are done and it looks like the flaps would really be neat if they could be assembled easily without a great deal of cussing. Just my observations, I have a F GM nose piece maybe taking a look if the top engine cover could be fitted to the Trumpeter Mike Horina
  23. No parts for the'long tail'. Only short tail kit. Not accurate for decal option, Tiger mouth 209 Mike Horina
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