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  1. wmoran

    1/32 ZM Ta-152 H-O

    I'm going to bookmark this build for reference for when I start work on mine. Excellent work. Bill
  2. wmoran

    1/32 Special Hobby Hawker Tempest Mk.V

    Another beautiful build! I love checking out your build logs Tolga because they are so inspiring. Bill
  3. Incredible detailing on this build. Looking forward to more. Bill
  4. wmoran

    Problems posting with Chrome

    Clearing the cache cured the problem. Thanks for everyone's help. Bill
  5. wmoran

    Zoukei Mura Concept Notes

    Thanks for the info Ryan, Rick & Mike. Bill
  6. I just posted a new topic that I had initially tried posting using Chrome, my preferred browser. I could never get a cursor in the text box to type the message, however. The title box worked fine as did the tags box. I had to use IExplorer to post that message and this one. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Bill
  7. Are the Zoukei Mura Concept Notes worth the money? I just got the Ta 152H-0 kit, and I don't have any documentation on Ta152s. I am looking for some documentation that might give me clear enough photos/drawings to help me rivet the model. If there are other references that are readily available that you recommend, please let me know also. Thanks, Bill
  8. wmoran

    Taurus Models - Ordering Direct

    I've ordered directly from Lukasz several times without any problems. I also have never read any bad things about Taurus Models. I wouldn't worry. Bill
  9. wmoran

    DFW area Scalefest June 02

    I have an open invitation to visit friends in Arlington, so I will try to make it. Is Squadron having an open house for this show? I know they are having one for their Eaglequest show which is June 21-23 this year (open house on Friday 21 June). Bill
  10. wmoran

    Not So sleepy Lakenheath or Norfolk!

    Maru - LSP's in-house wikipedia.
  11. wmoran

    Gunze "Mr. Tool Cleaner" options

    I've never found the hardware store lacquer thinner to cause any problems with my airbrush. All relatively new airbrushes from quality manufacturers should be using PTFE O rings and packing in their brushes, which are impervious to most solvents, at least for the amount they would be in contact with the solvent when cleaning an airbrush. Even with using lacquer thinner, I occasionally dismantle my airbrush and run it through a couple of cycles in my ultrasonic cleaner with hot water and a little dish soap. There is always some build-up of dried paint that comes out. Bill
  12. wmoran

    Gunze "Mr. Tool Cleaner" options

    Like Neo, I use lacquer thinner from the hardware store for my final cleaning before putting my airbrush away after a painting session. I have found that lacquer thinner will clean out pretty much any type of paint from an airbrush. The Tamiya airbrush cleaner works just as well, but the hardware store lacquer thinner is quite a bit cheaper. I mostly use acrylic lacquers (Tamiya & Gunze), and clean in between colors with 91% IPA. Bill
  13. wmoran

    Best laser decal paper

    Thanks for the info Graham. Before I commit to buying the laser printer, I'll print some transparencies through it, which should give me some idea of whether the print density will be good enough for decals. If not, I will look at the ecotank inkjets. The printers are more expensive, but the ink comes in bottles that you refill the onboard tanks with. I would really like a photo inkjet that has more colors and a pigment black ink, but the ink costs would probably end up too high.
  14. I would like to print out some simple custom decals, and I am looking for the best laser decal paper. I am about to purchase a refurbished off-lease color laser printer from a friend who owns an office equipment dealership. I don't do a lot of printing, and I am tired of my inkjet printers either not working at all or having errors that require cleaning or realignment which uses up so much of the expensive ink when I do need to print. Does anyone know of some quality laser decal paper? I would like paper with the thinnest decal film possible. Thanks, Bill
  15. I don't have any Oramask yet, but I've got several packages of Tamiya masking sheets. When cutting the Tamiya sheets, do I have to use the sticky backing sheet,or can I just run the Tamiya sheet through by itself since I'm not cutting completely through the sheet (hopefully!)? I have tried reducing the stickiness of the backing sheet by rubbing it on a T-shirt, but it is still difficult to pull the Tamiya sheets off without them tearing or at least stretching. I have a Cameo with the auto blade, and I have been having the software use setting 2 on the blade (it defaults to 3 when I specify I am cutting stencil material). I think I need to drop that down to 1 since it occasionally cuts completely through the Tamiya sheet. As for the Oramask 810, where is the best place to purchase it in the US. Do I also need to get the roll feed for my Silhouette? As I understand it, you don't use an underlying sheet with the Oramask since you aren't cutting all the way through it. What blade setting have you found to be best for this material? I hope I haven't asked a bunch of questions that have already been answered here, but most of the threads I have read so far are mostly people asking questions to decide if they want to purchase one. Thanks for any help you can give me, Bill