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  1. wmoran

    Making rivets

    Somewhere in my stash of modelling gear, I have a rivet maker from Greif Models of Mexico that works the same way. It is just a small block of metal with different size dimples milled into it that you press heated sprue into to form the rivets. I don't know if it's still available, and if I remember correctly, most of the rivet sizes are more for armor because Greif Models primarily deal(s/t?) with armor subjects.
  2. wmoran

    Peddinghaus decals

    Thanks to everyone for the info on your experiences with Peddinghaus decals. I might try one of the sheets of Jagdeschwader emblems since they are small decals and the sheets aren't too pricey. Bill
  3. wmoran

    Peddinghaus decals

    Thanks for the info. Bill
  4. wmoran

    Peddinghaus decals

    I was looking at some Peddinghaus decals (various sheets of Jagdeschwader markings and a Bf 110 sheet), and I had a bit of sticker shock at the prices. Has anyone used their decals before, and if so, were there any issues with the decals? Are they conventionally printed, or are they printed with an ALPS/Okidata printer on solid sheets of decal film? If I am going to pay that much for some decals (I'll buy the JG markings, but approx. $30 for markings for a single Bf 110 is just too much), and want to have an idea before I commit if I would be wasting my money. Thanks for any advice you can give me, Bill
  5. Ade, I didn't see your request to PM you until after you had posted the photos. Thanks. I was actually able to find a used copy of the book on Amazon and have it on order. RBrown, Thanks for that link. Bill
  6. Gaz, I already had the photo of the Bf 109E-3/B, but the close-up images are new. Thanks for your help.. Ade, thanks for the recommendation of the book. I will see if I can find it. Bill
  7. I would love to build a model of a Bf 109E?/B with the SD2 cluster bomb dispenser as made by Eduard. I understand that these cluster bomb dispensers were used in the first days of Operation Barbarossa to suppress the Soviet airfields. I read one place that three aircraft per airfield were tasked with such attacks. I have found a couple of pictures, one with a profile that states it is a Bf 109E-1/B in Romania in June '41. Does anyone have or know a source for some photos of Bf 109E's with these dispensers around the time of Barbarossa? Alternatively, any text descriptions of the attacks by these planes noting what units used them and hopefully, what model of 109 was used would be useful. Thanks for any help you can provide, Bill
  8. wmoran

    P-40E instrument panel question

    Thanks for the info. That answers my question. I will keep the Hasegawa lower panel below the Yahu panel. Bill
  9. I got the Yahu IP for my Hasegawa P-40E, and it does not have the lower section of the IP that the kit IP does. Yahu's instructions do not indicate that I should cut that portion off the kit IP and add it to the PE IP like they do with the Revell P-51D IP. Is that part of the IP associated with external stores, such as drop tanks and bombs? If so, I will leave it off because I am going to do one of the planes of the 49th FG when they were at Darwin, and I understand that they were not set up for drop tanks and bombs while at Darwin (or at least the 8th FS wasn't). From reading Osprey's book on the 49th FG, it stated that the 8th FS was stuck in Brisbane awaiting airfield space on New Guinea, and that was when their aircraft were plumbed for drop tanks and bombs. I figured that if one squadron did not have the equipment until after Darwin, all three squadrons probably did not have it while at Darwin. Thanks for any clarification anyone can give me. Bill
  10. wmoran

    1/32 ZM Ta-152 H-O

    I'm going to bookmark this build for reference for when I start work on mine. Excellent work. Bill
  11. Another beautiful build! I love checking out your build logs Tolga because they are so inspiring. Bill
  12. Incredible detailing on this build. Looking forward to more. Bill
  13. wmoran

    Problems posting with Chrome

    Clearing the cache cured the problem. Thanks for everyone's help. Bill
  14. wmoran

    Zoukei Mura Concept Notes

    Thanks for the info Ryan, Rick & Mike. Bill
  15. I just posted a new topic that I had initially tried posting using Chrome, my preferred browser. I could never get a cursor in the text box to type the message, however. The title box worked fine as did the tags box. I had to use IExplorer to post that message and this one. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Bill