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  1. simon64


    thanks all. time to breakout the airbrush soon then
  2. simon64


    nomatter how hard i.ve looked on E-bay i can.t find any 1/32 decals that are swastikas only - need them for revell kits any surgestions where i could find some?
  3. I've got the tank and air pressure cut off valve as it is just the motor that had failed on the original I am hoping that it should just a case of plumbing in the fridge compressor.
  4. I've just got a fridge compressor and want to use it with the tank from a compressor that died. Have any of you done this and are there any things I need to look out for?
  5. Thanks for your kind coments. I will miss him something terrible but the local wild life won't miss him at all! I can imagine that local birds, rabbits, wesels and fox cubs ( all true I assure you) are glad that death on four legs has gone. going to miss him and his presents badly.
  6. Old jones the ginger tom has just gone to attack the angels (anything with wings was fair game as far as he was concerned). My fox hound, Fred, has spent all the time looking for him and calling out. I think I might have to get him his own little furry play mate. The man cave is just not the same with out bits of plastic flying every where.
  7. I had to bah my to helpers a ginger tom called jones and a fox hound called fred due to the cat firing bits to the carpet monster and the bl**dy eating them.
  8. should be there, so I will pop by and say hello
  9. tied up with various things monday, so going to give a go today with a bit of luck. watch here for further developments!
  10. Thanks for that Brad very helpful indeed. Got a free day on Monday so I'll give it ago.
  11. it was the first sort of proper AB so i've got a bit of a soft spot for it and dont realy want to let it go! So I think I'm going to try Brads method as I cant make any worse than it all ready is, totally unusable
  12. Thanks for that Brad. How difficult is it to seperate the body halves?
  13. Thanks for the tip on shesto, I'll give them an E-mail. Brad thye A470 (I think, it's been several years since I got it) has developed a masive air leak in the main body of the brush, I think the body join line where the 2 halves meet must have seperated.
  14. I was wondering if any of you know of an address here in the UK for Aztec? One of my brushes has developed a fault and I want to send it back for repairs on their life time warranty.
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