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  1. Nice job, fabolous Ahit, I have the same kit on the bench.
  2. Hi, caps are a combination of an Evergreen tube 5,5 mm, milliput standard and copper wire. I make them ad hoc when I need some, it is easy...
  3. I'm in with Tamiya 1/32 F-4E and RF-4E Kurnass version...
  4. Beer and popcorn ready... I am looking forward to this build. It will be fabolous as usually and thank you for the great taking pics tutorial...
  5. Great progress... meticulous work, keep on. Superb motivation.
  6. Hi, no AIM-120 are direct from the box and Python missiles are from F-16I SUFA kit. Pythons caps are homemade...
  7. Thanks for every positive comment, it is encouragement for next work..
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