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  1. A simply awesome and inspirational example of model making. Quite superb. Congratulations. Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  2. Hello Gentlemen, Thanks very much for your replies; if I may answer your posts in reverse order... Rob, sorry to say currently the p!an is to finish all three Buchons in the 'Luftwaffe 'type markings ( although you've planted the idea....and I now have some nice pics of the Polish ' Hurricane ' Buchons. Still, probably not since the novelty of explanation would rapidly grow stale!) Tnarg, Yes, I agree totally with your sentiments, and I would add that the film also really started the flying warbird movement in the UK, something of great personal importance to me. I
  3. Some of the Buchon opposition...( Early fits seem promising!) Older Grey Matter conversion seems eminently adaptable to the Revell G6, shame it's not available at the moment( although I understand GM will be bringing it back in due course); the Attitude Aviation set will be compared soon - it does look quite saucy - a high quality bit o'stuff; and great decals (for the BoB film fan!!) Which I am happy to be counted as!! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  4. A long overdue update; been a rather long time since I made a silicone mold and pulled some resin copies and the initial results were, well let's say there was considerable room for improvement! But a bit of luck on ebay saw the purchase of a vacuum vessel and pump to remove those pesky airbubbles which always seem to be in the worst place when the mold goes off. I need a number of four blade Spitfire rotol propeller blades and spinners, plus few other twiddly bits, so a few copies of Tamiya's splendid MkIX propeller assembly seemed like a good idea. Also doing all the prep work on some
  5. Hello Dennis, You need to see Iconicair's website; Graham has 4,8 and 12,000lb Cookies, accurately sized and with trailers, to boot! Beautifully cast and very good value, he also ships internationally too. Great trolley accs, also! Hope that helps! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  6. Thanks very much for those kind words and advice, Gentlemen, I think I may have already improved the next set of pictures by simply...cleaning the camera lens!! Whoops! It looked like it had never been cleaned!! And it's now two Buchon on the build list ( entirely Mozart's fault!!) since I discovered that Buchon Scale Models now has a website, not just a facething page!......I tried, I really did. But I couldn't resist ordering one of their sublime conversion sets ( really designed for the hasegawa 109, but I know a chap who has made a decent fist of adapting it to the Revell budget offe
  7. Hello Thierry, Great stuff!! If it helps, I could probably sort out some templates from one of the (as yet !) Unaltered Revell Mk1a models in my stash with regard to the angles required - providing of course you are happy with the original sit / angle of the legs in the working undercarriage! Just let me know; happy to help. Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  8. Hello Thierry, I think the second fuel gauge was lost pretty quickly in the production run, probably before the MkII changeover, along with the flaps indicator gauge to the left of the gunsight : the function of the second gauge was replaced by a button which switches between the sensor showing the amount of fuel remaining in each tank. Excellent instrument panel by the way! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  9. Mozart, Thanks very much for your kind offer, but I had to get there myself!! Would never remember how to do it if someone else sorted it for me! Mike C, Silence! In Polish!!! No, sorry I'm planning to put the Buchon into the Yellow 10 scheme, partly because I've already snagged some nice Decals for that scheme and partly because I've already crawled all over her at Duxford! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  10. so, zee test is successful!! Oh wow. I came very close to persuading this device with a hammer!! But, we're there. The Spitfire is the BBMF's P7350, right after filming wrapped following delivery/return to the RAF at Coltishall (I think). The box contains some of the goodies I've accrued for this project- since the picture was taken its probably doubled!!! So, I've started with the Revell MkIIa and Spitfire Mk1a Ar213, since that was what Revell used as their reference and added the rather nice Pavla cockpit upgrade with their improved resin sidewallsapologies for the wo
  11. Hello Les, I can definitely confirm one is still flying, LF858; my Uncle had a major share in this aircraft and I was privileged to see its first post restoration flight. I recall the pilot ( whose name unfortunately escapes me) felt happy enough to loop it in front of a rather concerned audience!! I understand it is still owned by a group known as 'the Beekeepers '! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  12. Time to nail colours to the mast....a build of (a lot of) the stars from one of the greatest warbird films of all time. Spitfires: Mk1a, MkIIa, Mk Vb, Mk Vc, 3 x Mk IX and a PR XIX Hurricane Mk IIc Buchon And if I don't run out of time Casa /He 111 B 25 Cameraship, the famous Psychedelic Monster of Jeff Hawke. My tame computer expert ( who bares a striking resemblance to my good lady wife.....!) informs me my issues with posting images are to be solved imminently, so here we go (gulp!): My first group build. Literally! Blue Skies! Captain Boogal
  13. Hello Thierry, the best picture I've come across is on page 156 of the Haynes Supermarine Spitfire restoration manual by Paul and Louise Blackah, ISBN 978 0 85733 224 0; it's the seat out of the BBMF Spitfire MkIIa P7350. Note this is NOT the Haynes Spitfire manual ( not that there's anything wrong with that publication - I got it at the same time....signed by Paul and Dr Alfred Price dontcha know!!!!). Seriously, it's a goldmine of clear detailed photos, well worth tracking down. Hope that helps you. Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  14. Thierry, that's inspirational work Sir! Are you planning to add the starting handle? It clips onto the frame you've beautifully built, behind the armour plate on the port side. Kind regards Captain Boogaloo
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