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  1. No Kaga, indeed it does not. But perhaps it should, for the name of a company can infer many things ( product excellence, good customer communication and service, etc). Still hope RB productions will reappear. Perhaps Radu might be persuaded to relaunch it? Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  2. Well I certainly won't be 'flaming' you ( rather a strange expression!), and would defend your right to call out a company that takes your money then does a vanishing act ( although I would temper that statement by saying I pray this is not because the staff are afflicted by Covid). it does not seem unreasonable to expect a company trading with someone's ( well known) initials in its name( which made much of the initial association) to continue to be identified with that person. Perhaps the business change was known to industry insiders, but it certainly came as a shock to me. I still ho
  3. Ok. Erm, sorry Chaps. I will admit to a slight hangover; note to self - the covid blues, several (!) rather large rum, lime and cokes, the clocks changing and a session watching 'Airplane' ( twice!) will create the ' perfect storm' for posting on the forum. Could've been worse I 'spose; at least I didn't post any "embarrassing" photos .....normal ( or what passes for it) service is resumed. Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  4. Thanks Paul; unfortunately Sprue bros don't have the 1\32 bf 109G brass etch canopy frame ( the most wanted on my list), although they do have the 'F' version. Hmmmm might have to settle for that. Maru5137..... " load tubes one thro four, match bearings and shoot!!!! " never mind, the water's warm....and those fins coming towards you are just dolphins. Big, big grey and white dolphins. With lots of sharp pointy teeth. Best check your liferaft is stocked up, You funny man!! On a more serious note (parp!) RB productions website is still down; surely a technical compute
  5. Good to see Radu is still around; unfortunately the website is still awol. Time to unleash PayPal, methinks. What a downer.First IWM/Duxford are stupid/greedy enough to lose Flying Legends, now RB productions appears to have become another Chinese covid casualty. Is there any GOOD news out there? Ho hum. Captain Boogaloo
  6. You and me both, Keith, you and me both..... ( except I went full 'Gucci' and bought Edward brassin Corsair props....D'OH!) Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  7. Roger that, thanks for your speedy help! Will be watching/waiting...! Stay safe, chaps Captain Boogaloo
  8. Thanks Phantomdriver, Don't really do facething, so thanks for looking. Oh dear, hope Radu is ok. Stay safe chaps. Blue Skies Captain Boogaloo
  9. Many thanks for your speedy help, Kagemusha, but unfortunately after typing a message, I hit send to be told radub is unable to receive messages. So not really any the wiser ( although it ain't looking good!!). Thankfully I paid via PayPal, so ( I hope!) the money should be recoverable, but I do hope the shop stays open; their stuff is very high quality kit. Cheers Captain Boogaloo
  10. Sounds like a plan,Brian, Sir. Erm, how do I locate his pm address? Does anyone know what he's been posting on? Thanks Captain Boogaloo
  11. With two (quite expensive!) Orders outstanding for some months now (and rather putting a crimp in my Group Build for the Battle of Britain!} I have sent several messages asking for an update, none of which have been answered. Now it seems the website is down; is Radu's company another victim of the Chinese blessing of covid 19? Gawd, I hope not. does anyone have any more information? Many thanks Captain Boogaloo
  12. A simply awesome and inspirational example of model making. Quite superb. Congratulations. Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  13. Hello Gentlemen, Thanks very much for your replies; if I may answer your posts in reverse order... Rob, sorry to say currently the p!an is to finish all three Buchons in the 'Luftwaffe 'type markings ( although you've planted the idea....and I now have some nice pics of the Polish ' Hurricane ' Buchons. Still, probably not since the novelty of explanation would rapidly grow stale!) Tnarg, Yes, I agree totally with your sentiments, and I would add that the film also really started the flying warbird movement in the UK, something of great personal importance to me. I
  14. Some of the Buchon opposition...( Early fits seem promising!) Older Grey Matter conversion seems eminently adaptable to the Revell G6, shame it's not available at the moment( although I understand GM will be bringing it back in due course); the Attitude Aviation set will be compared soon - it does look quite saucy - a high quality bit o'stuff; and great decals (for the BoB film fan!!) Which I am happy to be counted as!! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  15. A long overdue update; been a rather long time since I made a silicone mold and pulled some resin copies and the initial results were, well let's say there was considerable room for improvement! But a bit of luck on ebay saw the purchase of a vacuum vessel and pump to remove those pesky airbubbles which always seem to be in the worst place when the mold goes off. I need a number of four blade Spitfire rotol propeller blades and spinners, plus few other twiddly bits, so a few copies of Tamiya's splendid MkIX propeller assembly seemed like a good idea. Also doing all the prep work on some
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