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  1. Hello Olivier, It was Scale Warship, but unfortunately they no longer list it in their store - might be worth an email though? Sorry, I'm hanging on to mine! Kind regards Captain Boogaloo
  2. Hello Olivier, There was indeed a 1/24 trolley Acc available from someone like white ensign models: I'll have a definite answer for you tomorrow as it's up in my hobby room \ loft and the bedrooms below are occupied ( and the floorboards creak/ groaning under the strain of my kit stash ( delete as applicable!) Stand by.....! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo PS nice job on the Spitfire, that man!
  3. Hello Patrick, I hope your new B 17d conversion doesn't mean your two stage bomber mosquito is on the shelf of doom? I thought it inspirational and hope you post updates soon! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  4. Hello Steve, You total genius, that's EXACTLY what I had bouncing around in my noggin and by far the clearest photo I've seen of the area in question! Are you by any chance also thinking about a vac form canopy? Seems like many modellers have difficulty losing the seam on the large vision panel on the nav's side. More power to your elbow!! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo ( and a definite future customer!)
  5. Hello Tom, Big fan of your builds, have you tried Amazon prime? It looks like they're still delivering and I found some spray filler/primer pretty fast - even the same colour as Halfords version. Sorry, don't know how to do a link! Keep on modelling ( where DO you keep em when they're finished?!) Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  6. Don't you mean " this made my eyes crossed" and "This is THE one you're after" !! I mean, REALLY, you cheeky colonials, always playing fast and loose with Her Majesty the Queens English, it's the sort of behaviour that'd see you horsewhipped on the steps of the club, ( exits stage left, muttering 'and another thing, when are you going to reprint the pratt & whitney decals??? ......and more equally daft asides)
  7. Hello Andrey, Please could you consider the others in the Airfix 1\24th range ( I know you do the Hellcat)as your next releases in 1\24, these stalwarts could really benefit from your unique approach to after market super detailed wheels, and perhaps you could do all the versions of the Spitfire ( five, four and three spoke), although I'll admit I'm asking for very selfish reasons for that!! Big fan of your products, either way! stay outta the way of that Coronavirus bugger, everyone! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  8. Hello Iain, Roger that, I'm also in self isolation since I'm in an 'at risk' group ( my wife kept beating this into my head until it finally sunk in!!), and we've had some of the "dreaded lurgi" symptoms, not to mention my Brother in law ( who lives some way away) was taken into hospital today with it: it's around, real and needs to be taken seriously, so stay safe, you can't be too careful. I look forward to the time we can resume our big Lib builds with your excellent wing correction, you have NOTHING to apologise for, good Sir, on the contrary you have my thanks for going to the trouble of doing this correction and putting it out on the forum. Kind regards Captain Boogaloo
  9. How about a bright all yellow scheme with 'Chase Me' in black in the style of Rockwell international on Bob Hoover's famous P 51d " Gentlemen, you have a Race....... Banzai! " Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  10. Hello Iain, As a future customer I was wondering if you've got any updates on this very ingenious upgrade \ correction? Stay safe! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  11. "From the Ashes of Disaster, Grow the Roses of Success!" . ....All together now....! Blue Skies Captain Boogaloo
  12. Short version: Eduard B17 wheels are a tiny bit undersize ( full size are 56" ) they don't quite scale up, it's not enough to get upset about ( iirc it's something like 1.75 mm). Halberd have it spot on. Can't recall who/where pointed out this little gem, but it was backed up with solid maths. Would you like a set of Eduard B 17 wheels for a fiver? Plus postage. Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  13. Also, Draw Decals are doing the Collings Foundation B24 'Witchcraft ' markings in a very accurate decal sheet including the Sponsors names and a lot of other details, very comprehensive for $40. Wish I'd found that before I'd shelled out for Kits Worlds Dragon and his Tail sheet, which lacks a lot of details ( and ain't cheap!) C'est la vie! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  14. Hello Peter, As a volunteer with a Duxford organization, I was lucky enough to get quite a few of these ( Spitfire, Corsair, P 38, bf 109g, fw 190d, p51d, p 40, p47 Thunderbolt razorback) at various displays over the years for reasonable prices, but since they stopped production the prices have gone bonkers!! If you can find any, they can make a goodish starting point for 1\18 models, or look equally good hanging in the proverbial man cave\ workshop. I have a long term project to modify their Spitfire 1a to a Mk IX: I think the basic shapes are a good starting point, although often things are a bit too thick. Btw, been rereading your inspirational Hobbycraft Sea Fury build again, and managed to find one plus some Fisher upgrade bits, and couldn't resist the awesome CMK 1\32 Centaurus ment for the Special Hobby Tempest II , I don't suppose you still have any of the etched sheets you did for that build? Or a (ahem) tail less fuselage? Totally love the parts you do, too! Don't stop!!! Interestingly, the Merit 1\18 SBD and Focke Wulf 190 are kit versions of these models: could be worth a look - I'm interested in the forthcoming Me 262!! Hope that helps Captain Boogaloo
  15. More wheels! Eduard have joined the party, with a set released soon: are there more upgrades coming?? If anyone knows, don't be shy! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
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