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  1. I have no problem recommending Halberd's wheel/tyre sets, I bought their 1\32 B24 lib set and liked it so much I went for their 1\32 B17 Fortress set; superb detail and Andrey gets his research right as they're the correct scale size - and come with the tailwheel, too! I anticipate getting his Lancaster set when the WNW Lanc comes out. Try 'em!! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  2. Some comedian in Japan has two on eBay for pre release order. A snip at £355 each.....! It must be very.....good! Oh, and the postage is extra!!!! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  3. + 1, Tim. Very sorry to read, of all the rotten luck! hope you remember everything you had for the insurance, not sure I would in your circs; hmmm, maybe we all should think about inventorying what's in the stash. Although if that information ever fell into the.....let's say wrong hands, it could be equally incendiary!! hope that made you chuckle. Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  4. Thanks Mike, nice to backed up by one of the forum 'experten' ! Also (just arrived) some very good usaaf 500lb bombs ( with the nomenclature decals, too! Neither CMK nor Eduard saw fit to include those in their versions) and a really nice resin Clarktor towing tractor, for those of us tempted by dioramas, both by Videoaviation, an Italian company that was new to me but I'm sure I'll be buying from again! Hope that's of interest, folks! Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  5. Hello, bit of a thread resuscitation: I'd like to recommend Halberd Models wheel set for the B24, there are choices of treads for the wheels, covered or open wheels and (I'm pretty sure) unlike the b17 brassin Eduard wheels the Halberd ones are the right scale size for a 1\32 aircraft. And the tyres are actually rubber ( of some kind!) so should give a nice 'flat' on the model. I got mine through eBay, not sure if anyone currently stocks them. Hope that's of interest. Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo PS I got a set of 109ace's vacform\resin turrets; good value, I'd say. A good improvement over the kit ones at least!
  6. Hello Anthony, Yes, please! I'd definitely like to see a drawing of the wing corrections, but not at the expense of your build or your full size restoration, so whenever you can is fine. Massive thanks in advance! All the best Captain Boogaloo
  7. hello Anthony, I've migrated over from the, er…. other bigger scale forum, primarily to follow your inspiring build a bit more closely (so, no pressure!!) - I'm very interested to find out how you fixed the upper wing shape with regard to the radiator areas, and ( i'm a bit surprised no one else has suggested it, frankly!!) I would really like to see all the fixes and improvements you have made in a book ( I suppose I'm a bit old fashioned!!) - I think this impressive model deserves it. And I hope the plan to release some of the corrections in resin is still going ahead, too ( spinners, prop blades, to name but a few) Blue Skies! Captain Boogaloo
  8. Hello Jayw, Fantastic work! They look awesome! I would like to commission you to cast some copies, and also the revamped wheels for miss Velma ( when you do them) - and if you felt the urge, I would love some wheels / tyres in 1/18 for a p 47, a p 40e and a me109g2, too! Cheeky, I know, but I am firm believer in "if you don't ask... You won't get!" For some reason I have always found wheels/ tyres to be the hardest part of a scratch build ( I am going to try doing the ones for the Spitfire, however), and I have no qualms about using someone else's work - especially when it's done to your standards! Gave a bit of thought to where /how you could display the 38..., but afraid all I can come up with is a display cabinet/ coffee table. Of course, the biggest drawback with that is you'd have to be on you hands and knees to even see the undercart! Ah well, didn't say it was a perfect plan! Please give it some thought; I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like some accurate wheels on their p38 - might be some modelling funds available there! Regards Duncan
  9. Ironwing, May I add my best wishes to the above, and wish you a speedy return to full operational serviceability ! Duncan
  10. To misquote Spike Milligan : "after finishing my last 1:18 build, I swore I would never do one again. This is it!" How incredible! I just finished reading your miss Velma thread ( again!) and the next post I see, you're tearing into the P38! Between yourself and Ironwing, you chaps are entirely responsible (!) for me chopping up the 21c 1:18 spitfire Mk 1a, to rebuild her as a Mk IX...just don't ask me for pics etc, yet as I have yet to er, master the posting of photos etc.....currently awaiting delivery of two of the Bbi Me 109s which will get the same treatment....these 1:18 builds are addictive! Currently hunting for a reasonably priced P 51, P40, P 47 and....yep, a P38, so I am a confirmed follower...please keep your posts coming! Duncan
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