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  1. Hello Gentlemen At the beginning I would like to thank you for the warm welcome to Dragon Rapide kit. The next batch of aircraft on June 5, and then probably on July 5, etc. greetings Lukas
  2. Hi Kit should be ready April/May. The kit will cost in the range of 129 -149 EUR so most likely eventually 139 EUR. I will start accepting orders as soon as I have the complete set in my hand (photo etched, decals and all parts). Kit will be available in our online store: www.lukgraph.pl In case of civilian versions if you have your favourite I can help with graphic desing (if I get materials) and even make digital printed decals or masks and send together with kit. Best Lukasz
  3. You are a "True Guardian" of model making! Thanks for your kindness and heart put in this LSP portal. All the best Lukgraph
  4. Hi The whole Sopwith Baby family now available in our online store https://lukgraph.pl/ Description of the models available on the website. https://lukgraph.pl/en_GB/p/Sopwith-Baby-British-Service/110 https://lukgraph.pl/en_GB/p/Ansaldo-Baby/112 https://lukgraph.pl/en_GB/p/Sopwith-Baby-French-and-Norwegian-Service/111 https://lukgraph.pl/en_GB/p/Sopwith-Baby-German-captured-plane/113 And ready kit (1:32 scale)
  5. We slowly return to the topic of "never ending story". We really want the model to be ready just before the summer holidays (yes... this year ). Lukasz
  6. And this is how our latest model looks. Lukgraph Sopwith Baby in 1:32 scale. This is full resin kit. Comments are welcome. Model available in our online store: www.lukgraph.pl Thanks for watching. Best regards Lukgraph Team
  7. Hello If I could help it, then Curtiss F6C-1 is closer to the one in the top picture. This can be deduced from the details of the floats (walkway with ballast plugs). We took exactly the one from second picture and called it F6C-1 (as it was called in other sources). There is a link with kitset photos: https://lukgraph.pl/en_GB/p/Curtiss-F6C-1-Float/105 greetings Lucas
  8. Hello I hope this graphic helps a little
  9. Hello. I am pleased to inform You that Sopwith Baby in the British version and the German (captured) are ready. French (Norwegian) versions and Ansaldo Baby up to two weeks. Planes (all Lugraph kits) can be ordered directly from us in the newly opened online store: https://lukgraph.pl Thanks Lukas
  10. Hi After 5 years of model production, we launch our online store. https://lukgraph.pl/ You will find all our products in it. In addition, the store will include dioramas and model stands, as well as 3D printed and resin accessories. In the near future t-shirts with printed mugs, stickers and other cool gadgets. Everyone will find something for themselves or for a gift. I haven't managed to add all the products because of the huge amount of work (photos, descriptions, etc.). It's all coming soon. Please share the post - among all those sharing the post we draw a person who will receive our latest model "Sopwith Baby" as a prize. Prize draw at the end of January. We invite you to visit our store. https://lukgraph.pl/ Best Regards Lukgraph Team
  11. Hi Thank You all for kind comments. We just started "Baby" production. I will soon launch an online store (1-2 weeks). Price per kit will be 99€. Thanks Lukas
  12. Hi We started the production of model accessories. The products are directly printed in 3d technology providing excellent quality. The first products are ready, these are the bombs from the First World War. To begin with, in 1:32 scale, but they will also be in the 1:48 scale.The bombs are in one piece, without gluing, without filling. Just remove the supports and paint. These should please Wingnut fans. Accessories (packed in rigid blisters): 32-A001 - 100lb HERL BOMB 32-A002 - 112lb HERL (early) BOMB 32-A003 - 112lb HERL (late) BOMB 32-A004 - 20lb COOPER BOMB 32-A005 - 230b HE Mk.I BOMB 32-A006 - Le Rhone type J 32-A007 - Clerget 9B 32-A008 - 12,5kg PuW Bomb 32-A009 - 50kg PuW Bomb 32-A010 - 100kg PuW Bomb
  13. Hi Curtiss F6C-4 U.S. Marines Corps Scale 1:32 cat. no. 32-21 We started with production. Wish You good fun. Kit is now available. Cheers! Lukas
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