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  1. I'm looking forward to this show Soon (after receiving the PE) we start shipping. Everything else is ready. Greetings Lukas
  2. Due to the low interest and the constant lack of time - I have removed the printed bomb sets from the offer. Thanks
  3. New products! Sale price! Precision masking strips: 0,5 - 3,0 mm (Available sizes every 0.1 mm) https://lukgraph.pl/en_GB/c/Masks-and-decals/49 MASKING STRIPS – Available sizes every 0.1 mm, ranging from 0.5 mm to 3.0 mm Self adhesive masking strips for painting Special masking foil (semi-translucent) Few photos:
  4. Thank you for your pre-order. I'll start shipping as soon as we get the PE. As for the models from WW1, so far we have made Sopwith Baby (in 4 configurations). And I meant the announcement of the continuation of the WW1 series of aircraft. Recently I started another project.
  5. Friedrichshafen FF.33L 1:32 scale kit - we accept preorders. https://lukgraph.pl/en_GB/p/Friedrichshafen-FF.33L-132-/152 Premium set: https://lukgraph.pl/.../PREMIUM-SET-Friedrichshafen.../153 Polish Service: https://lukgraph.pl/.../Friedrichshafen-FF.33L-132.../154 The German version is also available in the premium version (3 sheets of A4 clear decal paper with doped linen effect + 2 sheets clear decal plywood - dark and light and 1 mm strip masks – all made by LukGrap
  6. I'm glad you finally got this model. On the same day I have 3 lost parcels (priority registered). Nobody knows anything at the post office. The parcels evaporated. Commercial law requires me to deliver the product to the Customer. Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding. 3 packages are missing ... well I have to deal with it. Maybe they will still find each other? Thanks hope you build pretty bird
  7. We will definitely do that after the release of the FF33L. It has already been 3 years since we started the project - this is where we have to finish it! I am looking forward to it myself. I will probably buy it, if it is not too expensive greetings Lukasz
  8. New accessories added to the online store https://lukgraph.pl/en_GB/c/3D-print-Accessories/29 These are 3D prints of engines. 32-A012 Benz Bz.III Engine 1:32 scale 32-A014 Gipsy Six Engine 1:32 scale 48-A004 Benz Bz.III Engine 1:48 scale We recommend our 3D printed accessories to all modeling fans. Those looking forward to the FF33L can now buy the Benz Bz.III engine and see its great details. More engines and other accessories soon...
  9. If anyone would like to watch a movie with the model, Tim does a model review on the Youtube channel.
  10. A few photos of the finished model built by a friend Andrzej Marchwicki More here: https://www.facebook.com/lukgraph Resin stand - made by Lukgraph, soon in online store
  11. Available now: - "Scillonia Airways" decals digital printing on transparent water-slide paper. No white color, for 1:32 Lukgraph DH.89 Dragon Rapide kit - 3D printed rectangular Air Intakes for Dh.89 1:32 replacement for the DH 89 Lukgraph model Used in civilian versions of the aircraft.
  12. Thank you very much for your comment, it is very motivating for me to do my next projects. I wish you good health. I am posting a photo of Nimrod from the workshop of my friend Andrzej.
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