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  1. Lukgraph Curtiss F6C-1 FLoat cat no. 32-17 Scale: 1:32 Kit designer: "Dziadek" Jacek Diorama + trolley in set Full resin kit Kit contain: etched parts, decals, panel cutted sticker, color manual, windscreen template + foil More photos: http://www.lukgraph.pl/?p=1185
  2. Lukgraph Curtiss F6C-1/P-1A Hawk Scale: 1:32 Kit designer: "Dziadek" Jacek Full resin kit (etched parts, decals, color manual in set) More photos: http://www.lukgraph.pl/?p=1189 Best regards Lukgraph
  3. Curtiss silicone molds are almost ready. Test shots on friday. Lukas
  4. Hello I present short film from one of the biggest Model Show in Poland. XV Scale Model Festival, Bytom 2019 2-3 March. Enjoy! Lukas
  5. We managed to determine the final amount of Curtiss. There will be 5 of them... unless something changes
  6. Rick, You can count on discount - it`s no problem. The problem is we will do 5 of boxes Curtiss F6C-3 cat. no. 32-20 (boxart below). There are a few detail differences on the hull and floats. I will write about main differences later. Thanks Lukas
  7. Dear Modellers We are entering the new year with a few news in the 1:32 scale. We are pleased to present the continuation of our favorite series of "Yellow Wings" from the interwar period. Curtiss F6C-1 cat. no. 32-16 Curtiss F6C-2/3 (Float version) cat. no. 32-17 Curtiss P-1A Hawk cat. no. 32-18 Curtiss AT5/5A cat. no. 32-19 (with radial Whirlwind j5 engine) Each model will have 2 painting versions We hope that everyone will find something for themselves Kits will be available in March 2019. Thanks Lukgraph Team
  8. Vought SBU-1 Command aircraft is ready We present few pics from the set below in the post. Thanks Lukasz More.. http://www.lukgraph.pl/?p=1085
  9. 1:48 scale Hansa Brandenburg type NW
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