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  1. Hello all, Did anyone who ordered anything during this sale actually get notification that their kit(s) shipped? I ordered two that were listed as being in stock at the US warehouse and the only purchase notification I received was from PP, nothing from Weta even confirming the order was received. Thanks, Ben
  2. Yeah, I snagged the 1/200 Yorktown for $145 shipped. Insane deal. No clue where I’m going to display that behemoth but couldn’t resist at that price.
  3. Thanks. Yeah, the chain kit really is a nice addition. The molded chain also looks very nice but not quite the same. Yeah, the Dauntless is the Trumpeter SBD5 and represents my first foray into LSP. Here's a few more pics if you're interested. https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=2725 Cheers, Ben
  4. Moving right along. Had my first struggles with this kit getting the front fork components together but I suspect, as is the case with most modern Tamiya kits, it was primarily operator error. Once I got that sorted out, the rest just fell together with next to no effort. Testing out the future home... Cheers, Ben
  5. And some more pictures. Starting to look like a motorcycle!
  6. Made some good progress last night. Got the chain set put together which was very tedious but looks amazing! A few pictures of the construction process: The finished product compared with kit offering:
  7. In short, it went together like a dream. Looks much better than the kit version (which is still very nice!)
  8. Thanks for the info. They definitely looks more accurate but they're too big. Will look around for the right size though!
  9. Here's a few more pics of the front wheel, the fork and the instruments Moving right along!
  10. Ha. I have to give all the credit to the good folks at Tamiya. That's how good the engineering on this kit is! The screws on that particular assembly go into holes in the plastic. The instructions are very clear not to overtighten them to avoid cracking the plastic. There are a few others where nuts are hidden within the assembly and the screws are threaded into those.
  11. +1 with a great big grin. Getting this kit in my hands means I can die a happy man (hopefully after it gets built!). My wife keeps giving me a hard time because I'm bouncing off the walls like a kid waiting for Saint Nick to arrive! While certainly expensive, at least it doesn't appear like there's a new 1/32 Tamiya offering tempting me to part with even more cash! Good times!
  12. Hello all, Its been a while since I updated this build. Definitely been making progress but most of that has been priming and painting of smaller parts that come together for the larger sub-assemblies. The build sequence for the wheels on this beast really is ingenious - I remember thinking on multiple occasions "there's no way this is going to come together" but of course, I'm always proved wrong. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the pics! Thats it for now! Have a great weekend all. Cheers.
  13. Made some more progress. Radiators installed and more pipework done. Cheers, Ben
  14. Thanks for the positive comments. Having a ton of fun with this and definitely stoking the fires for my next LSP project. Yeah, I got this one with a 30% off coupon from Squadron but it's definitely still an expensive kit. However, as with the Tamiya aircraft, the engineering is exquisite. It's nice to go through a build knowing that you never have to worry about things fitting the way they're supposed to!
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