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  1. A good thing about larger scale, little parts are bigger little parts. Especially with 67 year old eyes.
  2. Seeking information on a rumor/or news posting if there is an upcoming release of a F4U corsair coming out in the near future. Does anyone know for sure?
  3. The old Revell kit does have its short comings, but the overall shape as well the ability to expand the kit with different add owns to make a highly detailed kit . The Revell kit IS NOT comparable to the Tamaya kit. Building the Revell kit is fun, building thr Tamaya kit , well there is not of modeling out of the box.
  4. Thanks for the input, it will be put to use. I have not compared the the Revell -1d fuslelodge to the Trumpter -4. I know there are major differences in the cockpit are, engine coweling , as well as hard points for wing ordance as well extra fuel tank. My major concern on the Trumpeter kit, is some of the kits and the corsairs are the same in this area of circumfance and shape of certain areas in the fuslelodge. I know and appricated the fact that models ( any model) is merely a representation of the real deal. I am just looking into this to please and challenge myself.
  5. I know this may sound a little pointless, but with all the discussion on the New Tamaya -1D kit soon to appear ( and the never ending hopes that a new -4 would be on the horizon) I humbly ask this question: With all the expertise on F4U's out there- is it possible to create a new kit bashed -4 with the two kits I mentioned. I mention these tow because I have these two in my possession at present. Let me say, that I like the old Revell kit, I has in it self produced many of outstanding builds. I will accept any comments, as long as they are civil to this discussion. Thanks
  6. The AC figure can be purchased from Red Lancers figures, for a lot less. Conversion of a figures is not that difficult with reference material.
  7. Any contact info on this Tasman Model Products? Good looking build.
  8. I thought I saw a build on LSP of a kit bash using the hagseawa fuselage and trump wings. Might be interesting!
  9. Like it. Who makes it, and where can I get one.
  10. Very good! Keep it up. I often comment modlers, if you can do great paint job on a model plane, you can do the same on a figure. You just proved it.
  11. Derek, if you do go with the new fuselage and want to use the revell kit as a pattern, let me know and I will gladly loan you my revell P-51B for the purpose. James
  12. Derek, perhaps the idea may be on AM that would improve the trumpeter kit using, perhaps the old revel kit. No matter what is said about the ills of the trumpeter P-51B, it canbe an excellent platform to start and improve upon ( plus your loving wife gave this to you and you had better produce). I am not a p-51 expert, but there many builds and comments around that could give you an idea of what is needed without breaking the bank. The old revel kit ,with its problems, has an overall better fuselage shape. I too have the trumpeter p-51b plus an old revel kit, and my thoughts are combine fuselage revel kit and wings from trumpeter. If you need antsy thing on this project, let me know. James
  13. I have read the reviews, and I believe that someone was doing a build on the forum, but I would like some opions of the kit itself, pros and cons, and if there are any photo etch or resin accessories available.
  14. Speechless! I still hate you. Good on the judging. Jim.
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