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SAAB J-29 Tunnan, Fly 1/32

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4 hours ago, Mark_C said:



This guy, maybe? 



1/32 J-29 Exhaust


I bought his intake from him.  I don't know if he will also have the earlier exhaust, or if the Fly kit even needs it.





That was it! Resin2Detail. That is supposed to be only good for the F model, though, and I think it was Maestor that was working on a B model, but haven't seen anything yet.

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Posted (edited)



Hi All!







Now, we can remove the lid and take a look on what´s in the box!


It´s a standard “Eduard/Special Hobby” sieze box and there´s plenty of room for the kit, not many parts here, really.


All parts comes in a single, large plastic bag, the clear parts are thankfully in their own, smaller plastic bag.

The instructions and decals also come in a separate plastic bag.












Fuselage halves….






The wings….






One large frame with tailplanes, nose wheel bay, engine parts and small detail parts…






One smaller frame with elevators, tanks, fins and pylons…






One small frame with smaller parts…






One clear frame…






These are among the best clear parts I have ever seen!

No distortion, completely scratch free, very nice and WELL DONE, Fly!






A large, well printed decal sheet with decals for 4 interesting machines, 2 Swedish and 2 Austrian.






That little sheet to the right contains the instrument decals.







 Very well printed decals, even if I can spot some spelling errors,


even the Swedish Crowns are looking good and usable, and look at the  badges!







The little devil….






Finally, you´ll get a large bag with resin parts as cockpit, seat, wheel wells and wheels and some small detail parts.


Here are the parts cleaned up and removed from their plugs.






This is the aircraft I will build, Red Tore (Tango), s/n 29652, 1st Sqn. F9 (F6?).






I really like those black exercise markings!



More to come soon!


Stefan  :beer:

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On 3/4/2024 at 5:21 AM, LSP_Kevin said:

Thanks, Stefan. I have a couple of the intake sets, but had no idea the nose gear existed! BNA doesn't show them at all. I'll have to order some direct, I guess.




I see now that they're 3D printed, and probably only printed when you order them, which would explain why BNA wouldn't even have them listed, let alone in stock. Anyway, I've "backordered" a pair of them.



They are back in stock, got my intake and nose gear today.

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