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Kotare Spitfire released today

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On 3/15/2023 at 2:44 AM, Uncarina said:



Your post gets a trophy icon from me due to the kit itself and the nice tour you provided!

Same here, thank you so much Gaz! That was a fantastic look in the box and well worth the wait.


On 3/11/2023 at 6:15 AM, Rick Griewski said:

Order a kit now and Explain your predicament and they may send you one for a bit of your new wealth. 

I contacted the team a few days ago - Richard very kindly replied but unfortunately explained there were only enough prints available for the pre-orders. However a very kind member of this forum has offered to send me a spare from their order!!

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So....  eh...   I didn't want to buy any AM for this kit.  The only thing I've found that I might change is the single-piece tail wheel and gear.   It's a tiny little thing...


What kind of AM tailwheels are there for this early version?  The piece is nice, don't get me wrong.  But it's still only 1 piece.  My local go-to BNA doesn't seem to have much.


Just another piece of info for you guys...   the rudder pedals and rudder itself, and rudder trim tab are molded angled to the side.  And the elevators are angled, too.  All easily changable, with some modelling I suppose.  But quite unexpected.

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9 minutes ago, geedubelyer said:

Interesting detail. 

Is the rudder affected by side winds when parked? 

I've seen pics of modern jets with their rudders deflected through side wind. 

The rudder pedals are uneven... one foot is more forward than the other...   so, it was meant to be parked that way by those who designed the kit.

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17 minutes ago, Talon said:

Pictures of my completed cockpit are now up in the Kotare Models website under Gallery


knowing nothing about early spitfire seats especially before the plastic seat, what is with the seat color?  I just thought it would be a color related to the rest of the pit, but that is my ignorance not criticism and me wanting to know.

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