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  1. This is now going through its third (and hopefully final) markings and configure change. I’ve fallen out of like for the Tomato, but have a more worthy contender for final scheme. I’ve decided I’d really like to do this jet lo-viz and the VF-32 STS-107 commemorative jet struck a chord, so further changes needed. Fortunately not too many, but it does mean I need to track down some drop tanks, the drop tank pylons and a LANTIRN pod. If anyone has these to spare, happy to pay for them or trade for something useful to you.
  2. I’ve just started painting my build of the same thing. Went with Tamiya gold lacquer decanted from the spray can and it’s a very hardy finish. The masking is a major PITA alright. Funny thing is, Pete probably used the artwork I sent him years ago, after I discovered how inaccurate the whole Model Alliance sheet is, and so drew it all up myself.
  3. If Kiwi Guy #1 got the bits back to Kiwi Guy #3 before Friday, who then gave them to Kiwi Guy #5, who Kiwi Guy #3 works for, he could pass them to Kiwi Guy #4, to get some casting done next week. Confused yet?! Realise it’s not likely in that time frame, but still a possibility for a quick turnaround and cost savings. Just sayin’...
  4. Don't forget Kiwi guy #4 who's still waiting for all of you to get your sh!+ in one sock so they can actually be cast ðŸ˜
  5. This will be my 7th trip to Phoenix and 3rd to Sedona. I crash at Mikes every time I visit - we go back too many years to remember. By now, there are not many places/things I haven't gotten to in Arizona, but this is more showing Richard the neighbourhood and getting some more “war stories†for the archives aka ‘Richard and Craig go drinking again' 😂 Sedona is amazing and one of the reasons to take him there. He also wanted to get to the Grand Canyon, so I figured we'd do a 2 day road trip and take in Planes of Fame in Valle at the same time as it had some very cool exhibits last time I was there (Me109G and Siemens Shuckert replica were highlights albeit outside my areas of interest).
  6. Mike, Would love to get that far across the country someday, but this visit will be Phoenix only. I'm travelling with Richard Alexander, who has not been to the area before, so I'll take him to visit some of the attractions (Pima, Davis Monthan, AMARC, Planes of Fame and Luke AFB - I'm hoping to convince WNW they can start making fast jets - but I think that would make a better Tui's billboard), and furtherest afield we'll get will likely be Grand Canyon/Sedona. Either side of the convention, we'll be staying with Mike Reeves (TwoMikes/Phase Hangar Resin). My trips to the Eastern side of the country so far have been Boston and New York. Anthony, I know Mike would be happy to do casting for you. Happy to have that discussion with him if you like.
  7. Anthony, I will be up in the US in 6 weeks for the US IPMS Nationals and can bring them back with me if that helps. Let me know and I can give you a US address to send them to. Craig.
  8. Still very much a work in progress but have not done anything on it for a while. Will get back to it some time
  9. Hey Dave, Will sheet 32005 include stencil data for the AN/AAS-38 and AN/ASQ-173 pods?
  10. Having bought the Avionix pit since Squadron took over, and used Aires and Wolfpack stuff regularly, I'd say go with Aires. Detail is 10x better than the other two and the quality control is far better too. Sure it takes some work to fit, but the end result is superb. The Avionix stuff from Squadron looks like swish cheese. I got their 1/32 F-16 pit and it was so full of large surface air holes it was completely unusable. I complained and got a replacement set sent, and it was even worse. I gave up after that. The issue with WP resin is that 99.99% of the items of theirs I have used has serious shrinkage problems. This is because they cast a master from a master and then use that to cast further sets. Each recast shrinks the parts.
  11. Thanks for the follow up. Project is not dead, but nothing to report at present. I took some time out from this to finish off a conversion of the Hasegawa 1/48 TA-4F to an OA-4M, and will use some of the things I learned from that built to incorporate into the larger jet.
  12. Have been making some progress, but a lot of work at present is correction and rescribing so a little glacial in what can actually be seen. First the guns. The Profimodeller turned brass barrels finally arrived (my own fault they took longer than expected). Anyway, this photo tells a story. L to R, kit guns in injected styrene; the white metal "Hi=Grade" parts provided by Hasegawa; the Profimodeller brass parts. They look even better after a bath in the Master Models blackening agent. I'll paint the blast diffusers in silver and the rear in camo and these will look stunning on the finished model. Now where all the work has been happening, the lower wing. There is so much work here, but most of it is unseen. I have fitted the Aires sponson parts, and reshaped the wells and gun slots using white sheet styrene. The white card is to correct shape and positioning issues, and allow the Aires gear wells and gun bay to fit. I've also corrected the position of the slat track openings and added the aileron actuating rod cutouts on the wing trailing edges. I'm about 60% done on scribing panel lines and adding rivets, but that is a little hard to see at this stage.
  13. Nice to see the cutter works for making masks. Have been eyeing one for some time now to do the same for a number of 1/32 builds, and your Meteor build has convinced me that it is worth forking out for. Thanks.
  14. For Thierry (and others) I received the Aires wheel wells and have started fitting them. I now know what the issues are with the fit of these to the Hasegawa A-4 kit. The openings in the gear sponsons extend too far back by 2mm. If you remove the necessary styrene from the wing to fit the wells, when you fit Aires pieces 13 and 15 (the rear wheel well extensions), glue them 2mm further forward than where the kit well ends, and then build up the missing areas with styrene. This does mean that the kit gear doors are too large as you will need to add the same amount of plastic sheet at the rear of the main well opening to close it in by the same amount, and will also mean shaving that much off the main gear doors. The upside to all of this is that the Aires main wheel wells will now fit exactly. I would take some pics as the explanation is a little hard to follow, but my friend has just borrowed my good camera to take photos of the model he has just finished building.
  15. No real progress to show at present. Spending most of my bench time rescribing the wings which is pretty time consuming. Will post some pics once done.
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