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Airfix 1/24 F6F-5 Hellcat


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The wife got me this for Christmas and after two days of rounding up all my reference materials from when I completely overhauled the 1/32 F6F-3/5 Hasegawa Hellcat, I am read to get started. The kit is absolutely huge, as expected and the level of detail such that I will not have much scratch building to do. I am still searching for a Waldron 1/24 F6F Hellcat cockpit placards set but if all else fails, in this scale I may be able to make my own decals for the placards. 

Film at 11. 

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The pilot's rear bulkhead is about 90% complete. There is still some wiring to be added, primarily to the emer. LDG blowdown cylinder. There is a line that comes off the bottom of the regulator and gets threaded around the 3 pulleys.  I also have to add the attachment straps on it.  Lots of scratch building here!



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2 hours ago, LSP_Ron said:

Is this thread going to transform into a build thread?  I so I can move it to the WIP section?

Yes. that's fine

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Posted (edited)

There is little detail on the back of the pilot's bulkhead but since I will be leaving the access hatch open, I decided to detail the back of the bulkhead as well. The numerous ejection pin marks also needed to be filled. There is an additional bulkhead provided in the kit as well as a shelf. I have detailed the rear bulkhead but will be adding additional boxes on the shelf with associated wiring once it is attached. 


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