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THE SHARK HAS LANDED! Curtiss Tomahawk 112sqn RAF


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11 hours ago, Kagemusha said:


Thanks Kage!


1 hour ago, MikeMaben said:

Showoff  <_<




You bet. I got my kicks :lol:

56 minutes ago, Archer Fine Transfers said:


May I ask what you're using to protect the area outside of the mask? Not the mask itself, but the white paper looking stuff?

It’s the cheapest regular hardware store masking tape. The AK and Gunze lacquer paints I used also help, being extremely resistant to lifting.



52 minutes ago, zaxos345 said:

Amazing work!! :clap2:



Thank you John. Looking forward to your own version ;)



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Absolutely fantastic stuff


I was super proud of my P-40…and then I saw this lol


Seriously, it’s a wonderful build and also a wonderful blog of the build


Thank you for sharing


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Thank you guys for your kind words.:bow:


@nmayhew Haha Nick, incidentally I saw your Neville Duke WIP the other day. A great, detailed thread and also a superb read. It was very interesting to be able to compare approaches and techniques.

Now back to the fray. Nothing spectacular happened these last weeks concerning the WIP because I was mostly concerned in doing something I have always neglected before: WEATHERING.

For years I’ve read the magazines, attend the forums, study the videos, discuss about the current trends but I never put it into practice

…until now :lol:.

I’m sorry I haven’t taken many pictures during the whole process because progress is very slow and the results not readily apparent, being on the discreet side of subtlety.
Aside showing that our plane has been subjected to wear and tear during its (rather short) lifetime, IMO the final purpose of weathering is to add more contrast to the colours and the contours of the model and to make it more ‘readable’ while giving it more depth and life.

It’s mainly a build-up process and like with every build-up, the issue is to know when to stop before going overboard :BANGHEAD2:


Wing and cockpit floor assembly. The fit of the GWH is so good that the wing and fuselage can be finished separately and finally assembled without a joint showing.



Stock seat with refined and beveled edges. Sutton harness is Eduard steel etch. Cockpit floor is treated with hairspray applied with a paintbrush.



I added some Libyan desert sand :P next to the foot rests.


More wear added to the walkways using oil paints. I gave a quick brown oil wash to the upperwing to unify the camouflage and deepen the contrast.


Walkways and wing, different materials, different wear. Note the metal ledge bordering the linoleum walkways.

Next time: the underwing and the fuselage.

Questions and comments are very welcome as usual.

Until then, keep well.




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