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  1. Great job! Masking and painting the markings really does make a difference. It looks like your number are somewhat rounded and uneven - something I have found the Silhouette Studio software can do if you to not draw the numbers yourself. It takes time to draw them but it's well worth the effort. Jens
  2. Pete, your model is amazing and very inspirational. I hope mine will be just half as good as yours. Jens
  3. I had the pleasure of arranging the Helicopter Wing Karup tour that sparked kkarlsen's build and gave him plenty of reference material for his beautiful build. Although the Airfix Lynx decals in 1/48th scale aren't correct either, they are somewhat better that the Hobbyboss ones. Jens
  4. I wouldn't use the poor white metal copies of the kit's landing gear, and I certainly wouldn't use incorrect decals resized to 1/32. Also, the cockpit layout appears to be different from ours. Jens
  5. By "not engineered correctly" you mean they have moulded a fuselage with the correct dimensions and an engine with the correct dimensions, but their representation of the cowling thickness is overscale, right? You can't have both. Jens
  6. Lovely job, but I believe you have missed fitting the wing tip lights. Jens
  7. I like it - a lot! The metal does look dull, and like you I am not keen on shiny scratches. Did you apply the colours with a sponge? Jens
  8. What a great and inspiring build! What colour did you use for chipping on the wings? Jens
  9. They have broken into pieces so that's not really possible in this case. Jens
  10. I have built two of the CH Bf109Es so far, and the wheel well inserts were fine. On a third kit I have they are not. The question is, how or with what do I replace it? Jens
  11. Are you talking about the small square box on either end of the bar behind the seat? If so, my pictures indicate the vents were horizontal. Jens
  12. Thanks Koralik. How did the ModelMaker decals perform? Were they easy enough to apply? What type (manufacturer) of paint did you use? Jens
  13. Great trio! Please tell me more about the paint and the decals you used. Jens
  14. Yes, I believe that is correct. I know it was for the Bf109. Jens
  15. The fin tip is different from the F-16C too. Nice work so far. Jens
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