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RA-5C Vigilante - scratchprinted

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Thank you guys! Motivation is still high and asalready mentioned, my wife's urgent desire to rebuild the living room limits my "real" bench time. 


The cockpit is slowly taking shape:




The tail fairing wqas modified again and is now more correct shape wise and a solid part. The tailcone will be a separate part.






Wings and LERX have been added. The big LERX gives it away as a late Vigilante. 




As you can see, I have also started adding surface detail to the rear fuselage section.








Tonight, I will run another test print of the forward fuselage with the revised surface detail. Stay tuned! 


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Another test print. 0,2mm is a good width for groove lines in 1/32nd scale and I am pretty sure my printer wouldn't be hable to handle thinner details anyway. Cockpit looks quite good; fit is very tight and the parts need some adjustment, but keep in mind that thing was designed by a total moron (=me) sitting on his couch or during ht ebreak at work... I am rather happy with the look so far. The intake design works as desired as well. I will now add more details to the cockpit and add all the surface detail before printing the next parts. 














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That looks great. 


You really got me fired up with this. I had a thing I needed to do in Inventor, but now that it's done, I will proceed in 360 with my new project. What you do here really looks like it's much better than inventor... but it will require me to learn a new program, so let's see

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Glad to hear it inspires you, that's the aim of showing the progress on this project! :) I don't think Fusion is better than Inventor, but it requires less parameters which makes it more suited to this kind of work IMO. If you're used to Inventor, you will find some functionalities in Fusion annoying, but you'll get used to it. Ask me how I know! :D 

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