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  1. Hey, I have finished all of the major body work. I have sprayed some gloss white as the base for some colorful squadron markings. When the white was cured I masked it and have applied the first "dust" coat of gloss black. I am sure that I will find flaws and sanding marks. Next, after a day or so to cure, I will need to sand out any remaining problem areas before a heavy wet coat of gloss black. Thats all, Dan
  2. Gloss white Genies in the sun. Weapons pylons. Dan
  3. I dream of Genies...................or A pair of Ding Dongs............. Lots of fine work to do here, but a start. Dan
  4. Progress..... I have been working on the wing-top pod fairings. This is the second go round with putty. Wingtip lights, there is a red one on the other wingtip. More sanding and polishing is needed. Genie missile fin bases, fresh off of the printer. Each base will get a sheet plastic insert, bottom of the pic. Genies that were carried on the Scorpion had the fins extended since they are not carried in an internal bay. Dan
  5. Wow, you got me beat. XB-51 fuselage is basically one constant profile for 75% in the middle. It's the ends that will get you. Dan
  6. I built the 1/48th one as well, but it looks dinky next to the larger one. Like X planes?? Get a 3d printer and learn some basic cad. I received a 3d printer as a gift last year. My first reaction......Yikes, now I have to learn cad! But it can be done. I know next to nothing about computers but I can design and print basic shapes. Early jets and X planes generally had smooth flowing curves that lend themselves to 3d printing. Low end printers are not that expensive and Fusion 360 is free to use for home hobbyists. I learned most of my design skills from YouTube videos.
  7. Thud, Good luck finding one. I was able to score one off of ebay about 3 years ago. In some email correspondence with Lee he recalled making only 10 or 12 examples, so they are quite rare. My build is currently stalled, I cracked the canopy, but should be back into build mode soon. Dan
  8. After some deep internet research I determined that Northrup used blue tape and big ass rubber bands to hold the pod in place while workers riveted the pod into place. Although it was not a common construction technique it was effective and cheap. Dan
  9. Incremental progress. Pylons have been scribed and riveted. Sprayed one with black lacquer from a rattle can. Panel lines and revits on the top of the wing. First pod epoxied to the wing. Dan
  10. Here are the weapons pylons. The lower ones are for the Genies. Still need to scribe in panel lines. I have added some raised service panels on the wings. I am just spit-balling here. Actually I am spit-balling the whole model! And some panel lines on the nose. Dan
  11. Built both. Tamiya all the way. Dan
  12. Random, small stuff. Front end of both rocket pods. Pylons. Rough. 4 are from the kit, 2 are custom. Vents. Pretty easy really. I cut through 3 sides of the vent and then push it in. Overall shot. Thats all, Dan
  13. Thanks guys. I seem to gravitate to scratch builds over mainstream models these days. They may be more challenging, maybe. But they are definitely more fun. Dan
  14. A little more 3d printing. Working in Fusion 360 is a little bit hit or miss for me. You think you have it right....but no. Here are my 3 attempts. First one is too small. Second one has holes for the rockets that are too small. Finally something that I can use. Dan
  15. Working slowly on a few items. I have glued the windscreen to the fuselage. I have added some detail under the windscreen, Rear fuselage sanded and primed, almost there.... Tail getting close to done. Rear canopy. Dan
  16. Coolness, a jet. Even more cool, a modified jet. Dsn
  17. Wow......if I only knew how to paint....... Dan
  18. I have designed the exhaust ring for the mid-wing pods. I did not know how to design a circular part like this until last night. I googled how to do this, watched a youtube video, and viola! Here it is. I then cut it so that I could slip it onto the pod. Dropped into place. And glued into the channel. Sanded flush. Dan
  19. I have been working on getting all seams filled and the entire fuselage sanded and primed. As you can see I am not done yet. This is the second go around, at least one more to go. I have spent considerable time working on the aft fuselage.I have blended 3d parts, plastic sheet and loads o Bondo to get this result. Not there yet. Here is the basic horizontal tail, still lots o work to be done. And last I am working on the windscreen. These can be difficult to work on due to the limited gluing surfaces. So here is my solu
  20. At least 2, sometimes 3 going at one time. There is usually something that comes up to bring a project to a halt. Either some issue to ponder on or waiting for parts/ supplies. Dan
  21. Who could that be? Dan
  22. Working on the spine. I spent time designing the spine of the aircraft. In Fusion 360 I designed a one piece spine that goes from the rear of the second cockpit to the end of the tail. This was too tall for my printer, about 10 inches long. So I cut it into 3 pieces. Here they are. And dry fitted onto the model. Looks good, smooth curves from front to rear and straight as an arrow. Starting to really like this 3D stuff. Dan
  23. A little more work on the exhausts. Here you can see the 4 components that will make up the completed exhaust. The long tube will be the extension of the engine nacelle, as the F-89F had different, longer engines. Dan
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