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  1. Brian, just checked my spheres........nope. I haven't done a NMF since my F-90, over 2 years ago. So I will be pulling an F-84 from the shelf of doom and practicing on it. It already has the black gloss coat finished and hardening for the last year and a half. I will be trying several techniques to replicate a used and weathered metal finish. I will be starting this process very soon. Next I will be scribing and riveting the xb-51. I just bought a new riveting tool and will be learning how to use it. Dan
  2. I have been working on getting the last fuselage issues sanded out before I begin scribing and riveting. Here is the middle intake. The fuselage exhaust And some work on the wheel wells. I thought that my bulkheads would serve as the walls of the wells but they just weren't aligned right. So after an hour or so here are the new and improved wells. Dan
  3. They fixed it like they do with anything that doesn't make sense in a movie. With a line of dialogue. Dan
  4. With major construction done and the fuselage being really solid it is time to open up the bomb bay. Dan
  5. Also, if using the Revell kit you will need to do extensive work on the cockpit and re,-shape the nose. Dan
  6. Well.....you can fix that you know. In fact you are the only one who can fix that. Crank up the old vac machine..... You did a great job on this, shapes are right on! Dan
  7. Yes Brian she is big. Be sure to bring your massive-meter to Vegas with you. Here she is outside with a 12" ruler and a Model Master spray can for comparison. Dan
  8. I have painted the interior of the middle intake with Alclad Aluminium. When dry the whole assembly is glued to the fuselage. And there is a little bit of putty needed to get a smooth surface. I think I will call this "the red-speckled gray-backed Dragon". Dan
  9. Painting and weathering are exceptional. Far past my skill level. Dan
  10. Ok, after some wet sanding this morning a quick blast of rattle can primer. Still lots of seam work to do, but this unifies the whole fuselage and tailplane. And a shot in natural light. Dan
  11. As expected, lots of filler. Lighter colored Bondo was used to fill large gaps. Darker putty is to fill in smaller voids and scratches. Lots o sanding still to be done. There was a major low spot on top of the fuselage. Extra work required here. All in all about what I expected. The fuselage is now one solid assembly. Dan
  12. Ok big day. Fuselage glued together. Tons of work to do now. Working with a Vac presents challenges, especially when the plastic is thin, you have cut all sorts of holes in it, and potentially warped it by adding many bulkheads. The real job of turning this into a presentable model begins now. Seams, panel lines and rivets. Dan
  13. Back to wood shop. Mr McNeil, 7th grade, China Lake. Dan
  14. Small update today. I am working on the "bullet" fairing on top of the T tail. It is a wooden dowel sanded to shape.It will get a few coats of varnish to seal the wood grain. And then some complicated carving so that it can fit around the top of the vertical tail and under the horizontal tail. Dan
  15. Cockpit painting mostly done. Just a few details left. Here you can see how effective my jigsaw panel technique looks. No it is not accurate but will look the part when looking through the small canopy. Notice the "equipment " in the rear cockpit. Both seats. The crappy looking one will be buried in the almost impossible to see rear "pit". Generic panels to busy up the rear crew position. Dan
  16. Ok a little work on the cockpit. My technique for building a cockpit from scratch is to built the basic structure and then to add details. For me this involves cutting up old or unused panels from other kits. I then thin them down by rubbing them on some coarse sandpaper so that they are very thin. Here they are. Are they accurate for this aircraft??? Heck no. But this will work and give a nice busy looking effect for the cockpit. Next spray them flat black.Then pick out the details with a silver pencil. And the same for all of the panels in the cockpit. This pops out the raised detail, color painting to follow. Dan
  17. Lee, I am not sure whose butt is being kicked. Most days I feel like the kit is kicking my butt. Dan
  18. A little color for the seat and consoles.................... Dan
  19. Yup. I don't know if I will use it. Maybe just the cowling. Stay tuned. Dan
  20. Here are some in progress photos of the front cockpit. I have built the whole front office as 1 component that can be slid in and out. This will allow me to get the basic cockpit to fit into the fuselage but allow me to detail it outside. Still lots to do. I have added a little interior green to some areas. Dan
  21. Some more work on the cockpit and center engine inlet. Cockpits. The amount of detail that you will be able to see will be minimal. The forward cockpit sits under a very small canopy which will limit the amount that you will be able to see. I will however do some detailing, and will add generic detail in and around the cockpit. I will focus on the cowl and instrument panel. The rear cockpit will be even harder to see. There is a small glazing above the space and a small circular window on the starboard side. The center engine can be seen roughly in its place. Much fitting will need to be done when the port fuselage is glued in place. Dan
  22. Alain, I have the B-51 book by Scott Libis. I also have a Wings magazine and a Planes of Fame magazine. They have some cockpit and wheel well photos. If you have other sources I would be very interested. Dan
  23. Getting close to gluing the first fuselage side to the keel. With a vacform model the plastic is thin and there is usually a very small gluing surface. So I have added lots of styrene bars to increase the total surface area that will glue the fuselage half to the keel. In the last photo you can see the 2 metal supports for the engines. I have modified the attachment of the rear support. Instead of running all the way from one side to the other I have installed it like the front support by bending it so that it can be glued to the inside of the fuselage. Later, Dan
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