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  1. Actual shipping cost reduced by a dollar and a half. Dan
  2. Thanks Tristan, I will give it a look. Dan
  3. Funny story. When I took the package to the post office I was dealing with a very polite clerk who spoke with an accent. He helped me and I paid for the package to be shipped. Now I was very clear that I was sending to Austria and Austria was clearly written on all of the paperwork, however he heard Australia. Fast forward to when I get home, my wife is looking at the receipt and it says Australia. It has the correct street address but the wrong country! HOLY CRAP! So I race back down to the post office and luckily was able to get the package out of the bin and change countries. My first shipment and it almost goes to the wrong continent. Live and learn, read the receipt. Dan
  4. Ok it has been a while but I am back. I have just received the paint masks in the mail. Thank you Brian. I have just shipped the first kit to Austria and the shipping was $48. So for anyone in Europe that will be what to expect for your shipping. I will be contacting the first 4 people on my list in a day or so to set up payments and shipping addresses. These 4 kits will go out before Oct 1st. Subsequent kits will ship out as they are printed, approximately 1 per week. Thanks, Dan
  5. $212, wow. Won't be getting one of these anytime soon. Dan
  6. Thanks, I'll save a piece of cake for you. Dan
  7. Hey, its been a few days. Not much work on the prototype. However I have been busy printing. There are 15 major airframe parts per kit, with approximately 65 more detail parts. Trying to get as many items printed out while I assemble all of the kit components. First version of the masks are in the mail. Once I look at and approve the fit I will give the go ahead to print out 12 sets. To all of you that have expressed interest in obtaining a Vigi of your own, thanks! Working on being able to ship out in late Sept or early Oct. Dan
  8. That looks quite good. Dan
  9. Sweet! Vacforming, the last dark art. One that has eluded me as of yet. Dan
  10. I was able to spend one night at sea during carquals in 1987 on the ENTERPRISE. What smell do I remember?? Diesel. And paint. Dan
  11. Thanks Brian. LSPers are the best. Dan
  12. Thanks Tim, you are on the list. Dan
  13. Look what came in the mail today. Custom laser printed decals. Thank you Karl. 2 different options. VAH -1 and VAH-7. Another kind LSPer is working on some custom masks for the larger markings. Wow this is really exciting. Thanks to everyone who has helped to bring this project to fruition. Dan
  14. I am currently in a printing phase right now. I made some interesting discoveries while preparing to produce multiple kits. Total print time for one complete kit, 94 hours. Total amount of filament, 282 meters. If I print nonstop I can produce about 6 kits per month. Hope the printer holds up. Dan
  15. Progress but no pictures. I am slowly re-visiting each component and fixing/improving them. Today I re-designed the MLG to include a metal rod. Fixed an alignment issue with the main gear bay. Designed a new wing/fuselage support tab that incorporates an internal metal spar. Much more elegant than my first effort. The only items left to improve are the nose gear and the front canopy. Dan
  16. Lucky dog! Not so lucky Dan
  17. I have improved the main gear design. The large tab and slot are a great improvement to strength and ease of alignment. Final design will have a sturdy wire core. Although I am striving for accuracy, I have made some small concessions to increase the strength of the gear. Second decal option. Thanks. Printer has been operating basically non-stop this week. Dan
  18. EA6, This is an A3J bomber version. Hadn't planned to do the recce bird. Although I wouldn't say never, there would need to be a lot of demand to consider. Dan
  19. Maybe hard to see but the bu number and carrier name are slanted. Dan
  20. Here is a mock-up of the VAH-1 markings. Making sure the sizes are correct. Dan
  21. Thierry, you are on the list. I see that you are in Belgium. Shipping will be a bit more, first estimate is approximately $80. Let me know if you are still interested. Dan
  22. Sure Jack, you are on the list. Dan
  23. Thanks, you are on the list. Dan
  24. Thanks John. You are on the list. Dan
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