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  1. Yeah, count on over a month in postal time...I ordered stuff from Reskit and it took over a month to arrive from Kyiv. They were very friendly however when I asked for the wearabouts of my parcel. I have decals on the way from Poland right now so the build will soon resume
  2. Adeptus Mechanicus Ironstrider Finally finished this Ironstrider....it's been leering at me from the shelve of doom for a year. No longer! Yeah it's Warhammer 40K again Cheers!
  3. Aigore


    Warglaive Warhammer 40K, I seem to have lost the base and for some strange reason I made it cleaner and fresher than usual Fun anyways Cheers!
  4. Thanks Stefan Thanks BiggTim Nope a mate printed it and gave it to me as a gift. Thanks eoyguy As I don't have the file I can't shape it but Google is your friend He was stunned by the pictures and missed the words, no biggy
  5. Thanks Gregg I'm very happy on how they turned out. I will try to find a better base and it is not impossible that I will do more figures in big scale!
  6. Thanks Maru Thanks Mark Thanks Kev nope, a mate printed it for me.
  7. The Mandolorian and Grogu Here is a new figure thet is finally finished. It's a big 3D print I don't know the scale but I guess it's aroung 1/6th. Painted with all kinds of colours and washes and filters. It is the first time I paint a figure this big and it took forever with layers upon layers to get the effects I wanted, I'm still a novis. We start with Mando... And Grogu And together...This is The Way Cheers!
  8. It's Friday and Midsummer so here we go The end of Painting Time to sort out those small thingies, details I mean. So masking...again... Now it's a few different colors so I have to do it carefully but so far so good. So I started with putting my thumb in the white paint! sand and redo...meh. The rest went well though. I painted some details with a chrome pen, like the C/F-dispensers...it'll look better with a wash on Next I glued the strakes in place....that is I glued one and spent 25m searching through the clutter after the other one With all that done I believe painting is done so I sealed all with a clear coat before decals! About the decals btw..... I don't have them they weere sold out everywhere and you remember Hannant's sending me the wrong decals before....so well.. I'm at an impasse right now. I can do the weapons, wheels and pylons but then I'm at a stand still until decals appear again. Cheers!
  9. Friday is upon us and so is this update! Hot Metal 3 Finally on the home stretch regarding the engines. SO the upper side it was... I started with drawing violet weldlines across like so. Then it was time for some itty bitty masking again and this time I drew brown weldlines. There.... And some blue weldlines....it looks like a drawing but it'll change as more layers are added. First a clear coat on top to seal the lines and then I went at it with my Tamyia make up and unmask the hatches. Then I painted the hatch clasps red. Another clear coat and then I put down a dark wash all over. There and the cans in place as well. And now for the reaveal! I must say, not half bad . A little dryfit of the fins... There....there will be a wee bit more pigment on the metal but that´s for the final weathering to blend everything together. Next I will continue with those dielectric panels everywhere and small details that needs to be painted. Cheers!
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