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Great Wall Hobby P-40B- preorders


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33 minutes ago, scvrobeson said:

Without descending into political discussion, yes, using that Nationalist insignia is going to cause issues. Same way you can't put swastikas on kits sold in Germany.





Yes best to stay of politics. It is what it is. In a similar vein, it is illegal to sell merchandise in Australia using the word ANZAC unless used specifically to fund raise for veterans causes. I noticed a couple of years ago ICM sold WWI military T model Ford kits using the ANZAC term. For a while they were discretely sold over here without too much publicity or advertising. I believe any imports with unapproved use of the ANZAC moniker are supposed to be seized by customs. Not sure if that is the case now as they still for sale in Australia.

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the side windows in the kit are just the clear areas with no frame around them - the frame is moulded with the fuselage sides. The complaint is that it would have been preferable if these included the frames such as was done with the Special Hobby 1/32 P-36A and Hawk 75 - it gives a cleaner ability to mask them, you are not worried about glue on the edge of the clear part, etc. 


There is a bit of drama here that was not expressed by the complaint; the "complainer" also says that the kit looks fantastic and that the engineering is good aside from this point - in no point does he say it is "unbuildable" that I see - that is someone else who seems very sensitive about any criticism of the kit overreacting to his comment.


I think his point is fair that it would have been better to do these windows with the frame included but I think the horse has already left the barn so to speak and it is not going to affect my purchase of the kit....

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1 hour ago, nmayhew said:

can we elaborate on what the window issue is?


genuinely interested.

The rear windows are separated along the line where the clear section meets the frame.This is the same way that every other manufacturer, such as Trumpeter, Bronco, Airfix, created theirs. It is nigh on impossible to glue the clear part without glue marks. The ideal way to engineer the rear clear parts would be to include the frame with the clear part. You can see how the outer frame extends a lot beyond the clear part at the back and the edges. 55j6ete.jpg


See the kit part:



This does not make it "unbuildable", but it surely makes it a bit more difficult than it needs to be. 




Later Edit: I see that Petrov27 explained it too as I was writing. :)

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17 hours ago, Jennings Heilig said:


They do, and they always have.  Very sensitive subject in the PRC.  Despite the fact that Taiwan has been the Republic of China since 1945 (longer than the PRC has been the PRC), and the only way the PRC is going to make Taiwan part of the PRC is by launching a war that would likely turn into WWIII, the PRC continues with the charade (or delusion) that Taiwan is part of the PRC.


One good thing about that whole mess was to show how great, skillful flown P-47s could handle Soviet planes - even MiG-15s.. B)


Pretty childish and backwards behaviour otherwise.. China needs to grow up.

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