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  1. RNoAF


    And 06 from VMA 231
  2. RNoAF


    I would like to see the Inherent resolve bird in 1/32. VMA 231 03
  3. RNoAF


    Can i have one of them in 1/18?
  4. I have got a Red Gecko production decal sheet waiting for this kit!!!
  5. Ive missed the Glass nose version. Im going to buy this one...
  6. These figures should be released in 120mm
  7. Did Trumpeter display any of their announced 1/16 tanks?
  8. If they made a1/32 F-16A/B/AM/BM they would sell loads of kits. So come on Kinetic-guys!!!
  9. Great news. One of my all time favorite light bombers.
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