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  1. Are the releasing a correct landing-gear for the Mig-23 too?
  2. The russian helicopters and fighter jets might be **** but they look very coool!!! This is a must buy!!
  3. 10873 here. Still nothing.
  4. I hope they release this tank as a kit and not an RC-model. Then it will be cheaper, and i think i will wait for the IDF version of the tank.
  5. Im watching you.........
  6. I would like to see more aftermarket decals for the 1/32 A-26 Invader. There are so many interesting schemes for this ac, but only a few available at the moment. Thats a shame...
  7. Question about the VMFA-312 bird. Should`nt it have the birdslicer antennas when its carrying a JDAM?
  8. I would love to have a B from Trumpeter. Im not a Italeri fan.
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