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  1. RNoAF

    Zoukei Mura Ki-45 up for preorder at SB

    Just had to have it, so i ordered it today..... :-)
  2. I understand, but its a historical ac.....
  3. And we really NEED a 1/32 F-4B!!!!
  4. You should have done the ac col. Edison Miller was shot down in from VMFA 323...... :-)
  5. They are all beautiful and im going to buy them!!! VMFA 323 are av favourite!!
  6. I bought them a while ago, and planning to build 106.
  7. RNoAF

    Nürnberg 2019 LSP list

    Thank you very much for this list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I would love a report from this years Toy Fair!! Any good news for us big scale modellers?
  9. RNoAF

    Revell super Hornet

    And im sure its going to be cheaper than the Trumpeter kit.
  10. YES!!! French scheme!!! Love it!
  11. Not much to look forward to then...............
  12. RNoAF

    Revell Lynx HMA.8

    But when do we get a norwegian Lynx in 1/32?
  13. RNoAF

    HGW A-20G Havoc - IN PLASTIC!!!

    Fantastic news. A must buy and please give us a 1/32 B-26 soon.