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  1. Many years ago a manufacturer had a set of 2 Phantom pilots. One climbing a ladder and one placing himself in the cockpit. Do anybody know where i can find this set?
  2. Will the 1/32 sheet have the same number of options as the 1/48 sheet?
  3. I bought one sheet. I just love hornets with aussie markings.
  4. How many options will there be in total on the sheet? I must say i love the scheme on 37589.
  5. When is the sheet available??
  6. Does anyone have a link to a review of this kit?
  7. Have someone released decals form this kit?
  8. I want one of those sheets :-) The profiles look very promising.
  9. How many options will it be on the sheet?
  10. I hope for some colorful decals for this kit.
  11. Will the uk phantom be a full kit, or does it need a lot of scratchbuilding to complete it?
  12. It looks like you have a giant fly sitting on your wall!! :-)
  13. Does anyone know if it is a jet or a prop?
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