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Here are the main gear doors. The grey portion is 3d printed and the white is 15 thou sheet plastic.




Also....after working on this everyday for 7 months only today did I realize that the wheel bays were too small. Here you can see the expanded wheel bay. Used my Dremal to cut out a larger opening.




Later, Dan

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Alright, after 8 months designing and printing parts its time to build a model!


So after lots of sanding and priming I have moved on to scribing panel lines.








And rear fuselage.




After all panel lines are scribed I will sand everything one last time before applying the rivets.



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4 hours ago, Oldbaldguy said:

Uh oh.  IFR doors on the left side of the nose?  They were one of the few things that were pretty noticeable on any Viggie’s skin?


Yes it is missing.  Not 100% done yet. All sorts of access panels and the bottom of the wing still to be done.




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I have been working on getting the cockpits squared away. I installed some thin sheet raised consoles, painted them black and then glossed them. Because this is just a prototype build I decided to use decals for the instruments. I have purchased a set of F-4 Phantom 3d decals but will wait to use them on my second build.








Still lots to do, but you can see how it is shaping up. Ejection seats are still pretty basic, I will be working on them next.



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