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Progress but no pictures.


I am slowly re-visiting each component and fixing/improving them.


Today I re-designed the MLG to include a metal rod.


Fixed an alignment issue with the main gear bay.


Designed a new wing/fuselage support tab that incorporates an internal metal spar. Much more elegant than my first effort.


The only items left to improve are the nose gear and the front canopy.





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I am currently in a printing phase right now. I made some interesting discoveries while preparing to produce multiple kits.


Total print time for one complete kit, 94 hours. Total amount of filament, 282 meters.


If I print nonstop I can produce about 6 kits per month. Hope the printer holds up.



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Look what came in the mail today. Custom laser printed decals. Thank you Karl.


2 different options. VAH -1 and VAH-7. Another kind LSPer is working on  some custom masks for the larger markings. Wow this is really exciting.




Thanks to everyone who has helped to bring this project to fruition.



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10 hours ago, easixpedro said:

See what you’ve done?!

I see a picture like this, and I think “I’d really like to recreate a scene from Heavy-6 off the Kitty Hawk in 1970” all I have to do is order one…



So many details in this scene. (I can smell it too btw)

Well, I’m ready when you are!  Ain’t like you haven’t done the impossible a time or two already.

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