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1:32 F-16XL


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Hello all, 


I always start my next build before I wrap up whatever the current build is. So I have begun cutting plastic on my new WIP.  


There are at least 3 build logs that I have read on how to produce an F-16XL in 1:32 scale. Mine will be a little different. My build will combine the Kangman XL boondoggle and the old Minicraft F-16. The Kangman kit will not allow you to produce an XL that is anywhere near accurate, The Kangman kit takes a standard F-16 kit and crams on some wrong, wrong, wrong squashed wings. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. This kit is just wrong and should never be purchased. It is a poor copy of the Minicraft kit, and poorly molded at that. However...............By using both kit fuselages and cutting them up in such a way as to extend the fuselage to the correct length I hope to be able to produce an acceptable fuselage onto which I will add 3d printed wings.


Yes I am doing this to myself again. But I have wanted a Large scale XL for years, so off I go.


The actual F-16XL's had 2 fuselage plugs, one behind the main landing gear well and one in front of the gun bay. I enlarged some 3 view plans and have cut plastic.


Here is the Kangman kit with the extended fuselage. Instead of 2 separate cuts I have decided to add all of the necessary extension in one gulp on the top of the fuselage. This may or may not be the best way to go but, oh well.




The 2 lines of putty demark the extension. When the fuselage was extended it changed the relative postions of several components, of course it did. So I will be re-positioning the gun bay. It will need to be moved aft, see the black line. The bottom fuselage will be where the most work will need to be done to accommodate the stretched fuselage.






Yes, it is a mess.




And a little work on the Minicraft cockpit.




Working on the intake.




Thanks for looking.







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Ok some more rough work getting all of the fuselage components into place.


The Minicraft cockpit needs to be modified in order to be more accurate and to fit the resin seat.






Nose pitot. Made from metal tubing and a steel pin.




Lots of solder epoxied into the nose for weight.




The lower central fuelage plug has been glued into place. I anticipate just the slightest smear of Bondo will be needed to blend everything together.








Parachute pack area has been hollowed out.




That is all, Dan

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A small bit of progress. 


The nose cone has been glued to the fuselage and blended in.




The completed cockpit has been installed along with the lower fuselage.




And as I suspected just the slightest smear of putty/Bondo is needed to blend everything together.




Thats all, Dan



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