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  1. Hi Dan - Everything about this one is just brilliant. Thanks for sharing! Cheers! John.
  2. You, my friend, are an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing. Cheers! John
  3. Beautiful build! I'm a bit burned out on aircraft and have started tinkering around with car models - high gloss finishes are a whole different ball game and you nailed this one. Thanks for sharing. Cheers! John.
  4. There are some great ideas in this thread so far - and I won't let the fact that I have failed to complete every group build project I've ever started deter me from suggesting a couple more.... - Cheap Thrills: Any kit of any LSP subject so long as the all-in cost (kit, decals, resin bits, etc) is less than $50 USD (or whatever value is deemed appropriate). Could be an Ebay win, a swap meet find, hobby shop sale, or whatever. - Clear the Bench (SOD, Stalled prior GB project): Realizing this would probably violate the 25% GB rule - any project that is sitting there begging to be completed, regardless of how old it is, or how far along. Just get 'er done and into the display cabinet! Cheers! John.
  5. Fantastic result! Thanks for sharing. Cheers! John.
  6. Great job on a beautiful Ferrari! Those 20" wheels look great! Thanks for sharing. Cheers! John.
  7. Incredible! Thank you for sharing! ... I'd say at this point you're definitely redefining the "L" in LSP ... Cheers! John.
  8. Hi Dan - Absolutely brilliant work on this model - thank you for sharing. As for Model Master FS enamel paint - not all of the colors have been discontinued. I pulled up the current Testors website and FS 16473 is one of the paints shown as still available, should you wish to go that route. https://www.testors.com/product-catalog/testors-brands/model-master/american-fs-enamel/bottles Cheers! John.
  9. Awesome!! Cheers! John.
  10. I love these old Revell kits. Building what comes in the box is low stress, and great fun. Cheers! John.
  11. Lovely build! Thanks for sharing the journey. Cheers! John.
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