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  1. Incredible! Thank you for sharing! ... I'd say at this point you're definitely redefining the "L" in LSP ... Cheers! John.
  2. Hi Dan - Absolutely brilliant work on this model - thank you for sharing. As for Model Master FS enamel paint - not all of the colors have been discontinued. I pulled up the current Testors website and FS 16473 is one of the paints shown as still available, should you wish to go that route. https://www.testors.com/product-catalog/testors-brands/model-master/american-fs-enamel/bottles Cheers! John.
  3. Awesome!! Cheers! John.
  4. I love these old Revell kits. Building what comes in the box is low stress, and great fun. Cheers! John.
  5. Lovely build! Thanks for sharing the journey. Cheers! John.
  6. Hi Guys - Thanks for the kind words. It really was a fun little build. A little testy here and there to be sure, but only enough to keep things interesting. And yes, Ben, standing track-side that deafening, ground-shaking, engine noise was something special. Cheers! John.
  7. A while back I stumbled across a YouTube channel by a guy who paints his model cars using spray cans from the local hardware store - specifically Rustoleum 2X brand. The results were amazingly good, so I decided to give it a try. Wanting to keep my experiment as inexpensive as possible, I grabbed this kit at our local Hobby Lobby - with the 40%-off coupon I was out the door for just over $16 US. A stop at the local Home Depot to source the paints for roughly $5 each and I was good to go. Having seen (...and HEARD, well more like felt) these Corvettes run at Laguna Seca, this one wa
  8. As hoped for - I was able to get the wings attached today. All the filing and sanding paid off - there are only two small spots that need a dab of filler. With the assembly of the air frame now complete the only thing between here and paint are the three clear bits. Hopefully there won't be too much fiddling to get a good fit. After being very careful during assembly to keep everything square, I was clearly not careful enough - when I test fit the wheels the model has a very slight list to port. Trying to fix it at this point may cause more harm than good, so I may just leave it alone. Anyway,
  9. Time for another update - the cockpit has been completed and glued into the fuselage along with the rocket motor. After a fair bit of filing and sanding to flatten out the mating surfaces, the fuselage halves were joined together, trapping the landing skid assembly between them. The contact points on the landing skid where it attaches to the fuselage are quite small and since they support the entire weight of the model, I let the glue set up a full 24 hours before proceeding with what little work was left on the seams.
  10. Making some progress - as I mentioned in my last update, the top and bottom wing pieces join with a seam running right through the middle of the fabric textured control surfaces. The good news is that this seam is on the bottom, and I can guarantee with 100% certainty that once it goes into the cabinet, I will never see it. As a strictly out-of-the-box build of a 48-year old kit, some allowances can be made. On the bright side, this kit has some lovely surface detail. The photo shows dry-fitting during the clean-up/sanding/fitting process. My aim is to get the seam as clean as possible and mov
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