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  1. From the quick views of the sprues, there appears to be much to like about this kit. While I'm certainly no expert regarding this aircraft, to a 'casual' observer there seems to be something heavy-handed about the fabric/tape texture over the ribs on the upper surfaces of the wings. Perhaps it's just a 'trick of the light' from the video process. One thing is certain - I am looking forward to hearing what folks have to say once they have it in hand. Cheers! John.
  2. ...for what it's worth, at 6:20 PM Pacific Time, all of the pre-order kits are sold out, except for the AMC Dh.9 ... Cheers! John.
  3. Just saw this - thought I'd pass it along if anybody is interested. Pre-order sales start today (Friday, August 7) at 6:oo PM Pacific Time. Cheers! John. Andy's Hobby Headquarters 1d ·
  4. With all of the interesting 'new' Revell kits - i.e. the FW-190(s), BF-109(s), Mustang and ME-262(s), as well as civilian models and helo's, not to mention the iconic kits of our youth like the Wildcat, Corsair, P-40, P-47, etc., do you think there would be any interest in doing a "Revell" build? Anything by Revell, old or new, strictly out of the box except for decals/masks. The idea being to keep it simple, affordable, and fun. I don't know about anybody else, but too often I get bogged down in accuracy and 'perfection' to the point of complete paralysis - no fun in that. When I'
  5. That clutch looks awesome! I have the Top Studio "Detail Master" set for my Tamiya Rossi Yamaha YZR-M1 and the clutch is a highly detailed resin casting - tricky to paint. Cheers! John.
  6. Nice start! You're going to love building this one - Tamiya motorcycle kits are amazing. The Top Studio details will really take it to the next level. Looking foward to watching it all come together. Cheers! John.
  7. I just want to take a few minutes to thank Devin at Sprue Brothers for outstanding customer service. I ordered a Roden 1/32 Fokker Dr.1 kit back in November 2016 during their ‘Black Weekend” sale. At that time, after 23 years in the same house, we were in the process of moving from Nevada to Oregon. When the kit arrived it was never opened and went straight into a packing box with other kits, modeling supplies, etc. During the current stay-at-home situation, the kit resurfaced and I finally opened it only to discover the cowling was deformed – probably when pulled from the molds. I
  8. This is the only car I've ever owned that I seriously regret selling. A 1966 Jaguar Series 1 E-Type. The mechanicals were perfect - the owner before me had completely rebuilt/balanced the motor, new clutch, and rebuilt the transmission. 4.2 liter straight 6 with triple SU carbs and full syncho 4-speed gear box. The body was sound, with a nice patina although the color left a bit to be desired. It was a thrill to drive, but as SUV's on the road got bigger, it was just too scary driving a car that small, and that fast, on crowded public roads. I sold it in 1999, and every once in a while I thi
  9. Hi Joe - FANTASTIC result! The motor looks just right - your extra detailing takes it over the top. Love the interior. Perfect stance. And you TOTALLY nailed that paint job. (I'm going to have to try that Testors "Wet Look" clear...). Absolutely brilliant. Thanks for sharing. Cheers! John.
  10. Yes. Maybe next year, if we remember, one of us should post a reminder here. Cheers John.
  11. The Oregon IPMS Fall Show was this past weekend in Portland. I had the opportunity to attend, and while I don't attend shows very often, I must say from my perspective the event was very well run. There were not a lot of LSP's, but those displayed were spectacular. I was particularly impressed with the Tamiya Corsair. I casually mentioned to one of the guys standing at the table that the finish on this corsair was possibly the most impressive that I had ever seen. The reply was "thank you!". Turns out it was his model - with extended hand he said, "Hi, my name is George Johnson" and he spent
  12. Oh my! That is lovely. Thanks for sharing. Cheers! John.
  13. Airshow Models (Fisher) Pitts S2B - my first attempt at an all-resin kit. Got this far and stalled out - when I put the correct dihedral into the bottom wing, it changed the geometry just enough that the main struts don't fit. Should be simple enough to scratch up new ones, but the model was packed away when we moved house in 2017 and has yet to resurface... REALLY neat little kit. Hasegawa P-26a that made it this far before being packed up for the house move in 2017. The box is around here somewhere... I hope. Williams Bros. Caudron ra
  14. Hi Jerry - Nice job on the 'vintage' Monogram Tomcat! I'm currently tinkering with the 1981 issue of this kit and having a lot of fun with it. The 'old' Monogram kits always provide great modeling value and freedom to try new things without the stress of stuffing up one of the newer (and way more expensive) ones. Cheers! John.
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