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  1. Airshow Models (Fisher) Pitts S2B - my first attempt at an all-resin kit. Got this far and stalled out - when I put the correct dihedral into the bottom wing, it changed the geometry just enough that the main struts don't fit. Should be simple enough to scratch up new ones, but the model was packed away when we moved house in 2017 and has yet to resurface... REALLY neat little kit. Hasegawa P-26a that made it this far before being packed up for the house move in 2017. The box is around here somewhere... I hope. Williams Bros. Caudron racer - started this one for the 'Blue' group build and just got tired of carving, filling and sanding. It's a fairly simple kit, just need to be in the right frame of mind to finish it. There are some really interesting projects in this thread... at some point in the future, would it be worthwhile to have a "Clear the SOD" group build? With the obvious suspension of the 'less than 25%' rule, it looks like there are plenty of qualifying projects out there. Cheers! John.
  2. Hi Jerry - Nice job on the 'vintage' Monogram Tomcat! I'm currently tinkering with the 1981 issue of this kit and having a lot of fun with it. The 'old' Monogram kits always provide great modeling value and freedom to try new things without the stress of stuffing up one of the newer (and way more expensive) ones. Cheers! John.
  3. Awesome build! Thanks for sharing. Cheers! John.
  4. I'll second what Ade Rolands posted - some of the new LEGO sets are pretty rewarding and can really get the creative juices flowing. I recently picked up a copy of their Saturn V and spent a very enjoyable week of evenings putting it together. Everything fits. No resin. No putty. No paint. No decals. And at the end of the week I had a very impressive 'model' for my office. And yes, it did act as a 'control/alt/delete' reboot for my modeling mojo. The bottom line is do what's fun for you, and when what you're doing stops being fun, it's time to try something else. No shame. No harm. No foul. Cheers! John.
  5. From my perspective, as a solid ‘average’ modeler, I try to pick and choose my projects carefully. Once I’ve identified/admitted to an emotional pull to a particular subject, I then have to consider whether or not my skills and available time will allow a reasonable chance of completion, to a level that looks good to me once it’s sitting in the display case. I have enormous respect for those on this site (and others) who can take a pile of plastic parts and turn it into a work of art, and enormous gratitude for their willingness to share their work so folks like me can enjoy their builds and pick up a few tips along the way. Having said all that, the latest generation of Revell kits hit it out of the park for me. They build relatively easily, and look pretty good from across the room when completed. And for someone like me, the price is a major factor. Looking at the new F/A-18e listings, they are a fraction of the cost of the Trumpeter F/A-18e or Academy F/A-18 family offerings. Yes, the Academy kit is amazing – I fully agree. But I simply don’t possess the time, patience, or skills to do a kit like that justice. The Revell kit has plenty to offer to keep me busy for quite a while, and presents an affordable canvass to experiment with various painting and weathering techniques, and I won’t feel completely depressed if I stuff it up somewhere along the way and it never makes it into the display case. So, to make a long answer a little longer – at this point, once they hit the shelves in the U.S., I plan to purchase one. Cheers! John.
  6. Absolutely gorgeous build - your paint finish looks perfect from here. Modifying the slot-car driver was brilliant - it really makes the build. Stay safe! Cheers! John.
  7. Hey Tim, an LSP gathering in Seattle is a great idea and certainly a relatively easy (compared to Texas, for example...) trip for all of us who live in the Pacific Northwest and Beautiful British Columbia. Do you think the Seattle folks would mind if we showed up as a 'side bar' to their excellent show? Cheers! John.
  8. Awesome. Cheers! John.
  9. Very impressive stash there Hubert! Quick question regarding the XS Models Hughes racer - do you know if they are still available? Cheers! John.
  10. Absolutely love watching Caribbean Premier League T20 matches - the carnival atmosphere is a treat, and the relatively short duration keeps things exciting. Cheers! John.
  11. An absolute joy to watch this one coming together. Thanks for sharing your skills, tips and tricks - a truly inspiring build on so many levels. Cheers! John.
  12. Fantastic build on a very challenging kit - fit and finish are perfect. Thanks for sharing. Cheers! John.
  13. Just to follow up on my post of May 31... today (June 12) I received a small box in the mail from Revell sent priority via Deutsche Post. Rattling around inside the box was a small, clear plastic bag that contained clear sprue J - the replacement canopy for my kit. Unfortunately, the canopy had separated from the sprue at some point and has a couple very minor scratches that will easily buff out. The quality of this replacement canopy far exceeds the one supplied with my kit. Based on my experience, I would rate Revell customer service as excellent. The replacement canopy came exactly when the email said it would, and the part is a vast improvement over what was supplied in the kit. Cheers! John.
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