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USPS is painfully slow. Is this normal?

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Boy is the USPS slow!  I ordered some decals and sandpaper (no paint or "toxins") from one of my favorite US hobby suppliers on September 14th and paid extra for USPS tracking and insurance.  I still don't have my order, because it sat for ONE MONTH in Chicago doing almost nothing as shown below!  I realize that Covid has the postal service backed up, but is this normal?


  • Fri
    16 Oct
    • CANADA • 06:03
      Arrived at Facility
  • Thu
    15 Oct
    • CANADA • 17:50
      Processed Through Facility
    • CANADA • 17:50
      Customs Clearance
  • Sat
    10 Oct
      Processed Through Regional Facility
      Arrived at Regional Facility
  • Sun
    04 Oct
    • • 00:00
      In Transit to Next Facility
  • Wed
    30 Sep
      Departed USPS Regional Facility
  • Wed
    16 Sep
    • ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) • 07:26
      Customs Clearance
      Arrived at USPS Regional Facility
      Departed USPS Regional Facility
  • Mon
    14 Sep
      Arrived at USPS Regional Origin Facility
    • IL BUFFALO GROVE 60089 • 18:41
      USPS in possession of item
    • IL DEERFIELD 60015 • 00:53
      Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item
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I'm getting slow deliveries from almost every corner of the globe, and even my own back yard. I've ordered stuff from only a few suburbs away that has taken in excess of 2 weeks to arrive at my door. My most recent arrival from the US sat in San Francisco for at least 2 weeks before suddenly arriving in Sydney out of nowhere. The whole thing's a mess right now, and demands extra large servings of patience.



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5 minutes ago, Brett M said:

Well...not sure it’s USPS, but we ordered a new mattress in May. Have yet to see it :wacko:


It is, as I had DHL send a box from HLJ from Japan to my front door in a day and half my time.  I can get UPS parcels from Europe in the matter of a few days up to a week.  Same goes for FedEx.  USPS is unfortunately heavily reliant on commercial aircraft.  It will be a long time before they catch up.  The backlog from those packages are spewing over into the ones that would normally go via truck.  Add in all the mail in ballots which require no less than three mailings (one to get the form, one to mail the ballot, and one to mail it back), all the political paper ads, the increase in mail ordering, so on, it is no wonder that mail carriers are getting fed up and literally throwing away bags of mail.  I have had a package stuck somewhere between Canada and here for almost six months now.  They haven't been able to get a kit I ordered from four hours away here either and it has been well over a week now.  All entry ports are screwed up at the moment, too.  Chicago is the worst at the moment as they have had multiple Covid outbreaks.  I could go on, but...

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Had an Amazon non-modelling order take 6 weeks to get to me on Vancouver Island from San Francisco, less than a week to go from San Fran to Vancouver where it sat for well over a month, even called Canada Post to enquire but was told things were back logged in a holding area because of Covid. That was in May, the latest order from the same source was here in a few weeks.



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I use USPS everyday to ship orders world wide.  Canada does however, seem a bit slow internally but USPS only tracks to the Canadian border for acceptance.   Some of my orders however seem to be received in normal time frames.  


I’ve also had a package from Germany being shipped to me held up for months due to Covid.  I just received a tracking number today.  


Its a mad, mad world out there. Stay thirsty my friends.  

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I don't know about covid screwing up the mail, I got a set of decals from Washington D.C area added tracking it went through the mail system until it hit Jamaica NY which I might add is about 200 miles south of me, from there it went to JAPAN for some ungodly reason where all tracking was lost, about a week and a half later it shows up at my door out of the blue safe and sound and well traveled :rolleyes:

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FWIW, I found pre-COVID that mail would get to me faster from Europe to Canada than from the US. Go figure...


Now, it is all over the map with no consistancy at all. Some mail from Europe gets here in a week, other times it is six weeks! Same for the US. Not gonna blame any particular countries service, just laying out the details of my experience.


Mark Proulx

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