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  1. DrewH

    EA-18G Growler, SHADOWHAWKS

    beautiful spark bug. looks stunning and a fantastic finish!
  2. DrewH

    Forum Upgrade

    Eject eject eject!
  3. DrewH

    Maketar - Status Update

    Very nice Alek! Glad to hear you're getting it all back up. Will gladly help test out the new ordering system
  4. Happy birthday Wolf! There's a beer here in the fridge for ya! come on over!
  5. DrewH

    VF-96 Showtime 106

    Great photo Jari - Thank you. I swear I went through that album but didn't see this one. Thank you for posting.
  6. DrewH

    VF-96 Showtime 106

    Thank you Maru! Great ebook site. may just become a member there to see what all they have to read.
  7. DrewH

    VF-96 Showtime 106

    Great! Thanks Nick. I'll see where I can find the book. Cheers!
  8. DrewH

    VF-96 Showtime 106

    gents - I've exhausted my abilities to locate more pictures of this aircraft. All I've been able to come up with is one of the nose during refuelling and one of the plane on the deck with the nose obscured by a wing. Both are of the left side. Does anyone have any photos they wouldn't mind sharing? I'm looking for it's time on the USS Constellation, F-4J during it's Dec '71 to June '72 cruise. Looking to do Lt. Connelly's bird which had 2 mig kills on 10 May 72.
  9. DrewH

    2018 IPMS Phoenix Convention

    It used to be but I have no clue if that has changed. Best send a query to know for sure.
  10. DrewH

    2018 IPMS Phoenix Convention

    Yes, plus if you are not an IPMS USA member - you need an additional $35 also to bring that to active status to even register. Chalk it up to an even 2 bills canadian by the time you add the Pima tour (cause you have to do the boneyard - it's a playground for modellers) I did Anaheim in '06 and we had free run in Yanks Air Museum.
  11. If it works for you - that's all that matters.
  12. Bravo mate - absolutely stunning finish! well done.
  13. Only after you build & uber detail the limited run, vac form, hack poor plastic (bla bla bla) will Tamiya san announce the release of the kit for what you just finished.
  14. When I get frustrated (and completely loose my mojo) I walk away from the project for a few days or a week. Then plan out something to accomplish - something small and relatively insignificant. Next time I go to the bench, I do that one thing - accomplish it and walk away again. As much as possible, I do everything I can to leave the bench satisfied I accomplished something. When I do that, I don't loose my mojo. When failure creeps in, and it will, make a simple plan and stick to it. After all - you going to let an inanimate piece of plastic whip your butt