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  1. fantastic job on the handles! great tips I'm certain to use.
  2. Thanks gents - much appreciated. Alan - Unfortunately no. The one that eluded me.
  3. I believe that story involved Tom Byrne and we don't spill the rest of that. LOL. Great work Chuck! Keep at it
  4. So after thinking about it for a half glass of Scotch, I redid the intakes. Overall much better after the second time. Main fuselage is glued together with the intakes. This will take some time to clean up, fill, sand, rinse repeat at nauseam for a while till I get it acceptable. Nose wheel bay is in the forward half so I can start getting the cockpit aligned. The "fat Pylon" is done, this is likely the easiest part of this build. Only took 2 glasses of Scotch to get the courage to scratch build this. and
  5. Thanks Breaker - thanks for the offer, no need as I'm all done making one. will get pics up shortly.
  6. Thanks for the kind words gents! I have more done and will update with pics in the next day or two. Till then ........
  7. This is blamed on Ron & Chuck - they badgered me to post these LOL - no laughing. Chuck's superb build a few years back (was it really that long ago?) is the inspiration to do this and my familiarity with the Hornet. Been wanting to do one of these for some time and finally got a kit late last year (I'm known to procrastinate). Cockpit is coming along - many knobs, decals and switches from Anyz in the Avionix tub (was a bit of a bad casting on the one side, so I added a few too many - learned for next time). Airscale instrument & cockpit decals ro
  8. Still, hard to hear of such things to good people. Glad no one was hurt and the business will continue.
  9. Great pics Pete! Especially the landing pattern instructions - which are almost bang on CF-5 markers (plus wind)
  10. Not sure about all the Kinetic boxings but the one I have is a hard 6-3 wing which would be a Sabre Mk 5.
  11. You're joking right? Modelers coming to a consensus I can't even come to a consensus on breakfast
  12. Sounds good to me - look forward to the progress!
  13. It'll be great I know it! We have a TF-104 here in Langley but I don't know what the access is now. We're currently on lockdown. If I can help please let me know - I know a retired RCAF Starfighter tech who may be able to answer specific q's. PM me as needed.
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