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  1. You can see he has a good attention for detail, well done!
  2. For me depends on the size of the part for large and medium parts off sprue, very small parts I paint on the sprue.
  3. I don't know about covid screwing up the mail, I got a set of decals from Washington D.C area added tracking it went through the mail system until it hit Jamaica NY which I might add is about 200 miles south of me, from there it went to JAPAN for some ungodly reason where all tracking was lost, about a week and a half later it shows up at my door out of the blue safe and sound and well traveled
  4. Your going to have a problem finding something off the shelf for something as big as an HE-219, i'm working on a Mosquito project and can not find anything other than custom cases which are expensive, as Bob says we might be better off building are own. Denis
  5. Did the Mosquito use 5 stack exhaust with shrouds, or did they only use the 2 stack saxophone exhaust when using shrouds? I'm talking about the FB. IV Thanks Denis
  6. de havilland mosquito for sure!
  7. Never tried Tamiya Mark Fit Strong is it good? Can you buy it in Canada?
  8. Finally I have to say something after years of dealing with Tamiya decals that are thick and will not conform to panel lines and such, I mean its really bad when you can feel the ridge of the decal on your model with your finger! Paying $271 for a Mosquito and the having spend more for decent set of decals and stencils that by all rights should be included in the kit. Can't they outsource them like other companies? Or make their own with new tooling not from the 1980's which I pulled an 80's kit out and compared the decals and I swear they are of the same tooling! I hope that Mr. Tamiya will r
  9. Each ammo can held 500 rounds hope this helps Denis
  10. close as I got was flying with the Aircadets when I was a teenager
  11. I am wanting to know if anyone has built this kit with Eduard engines and has used the saxophone exhaust from the Tamiya kit for shrouded exhaust as the instructions show only the use of unshrouded exhaust and does it fit or if modifications are required. Thanks Denis
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