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  1. Good to see a good ole Canadian subject well done.
  2. Just wondering if the kit will have the parts to do an f.1 version like their 1/32 scale kit. Thanks Denis
  3. Great another piece of plastic we have to carve a kit out of lol.
  4. In Canada it's funny that it coast me less to pay for shipping form the UK than from NY state which is just south of me!
  5. The browser I am using is Microsoft Edge, I jumped on the site with my tablet and I can view the pics, so I guess its a firewall issue. Thanks guys Denis
  6. As the title says I can see some of the pics others no even when clicking on them, what am I not doing right?
  7. You can see he has a good attention for detail, well done!
  8. For me depends on the size of the part for large and medium parts off sprue, very small parts I paint on the sprue.
  9. I don't know about covid screwing up the mail, I got a set of decals from Washington D.C area added tracking it went through the mail system until it hit Jamaica NY which I might add is about 200 miles south of me, from there it went to JAPAN for some ungodly reason where all tracking was lost, about a week and a half later it shows up at my door out of the blue safe and sound and well traveled
  10. Your going to have a problem finding something off the shelf for something as big as an HE-219, i'm working on a Mosquito project and can not find anything other than custom cases which are expensive, as Bob says we might be better off building are own. Denis
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