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  1. What evidence do we have that 425/17 was made for Richthofen? The only plane that I know of that Fokker did as a special for a pilot is Goering's all white d.VII.
  2. Planning on doing Richthofen's Fokker dr.1 425/17 in 1/32 scale and I have a question that I can not find a clear answer. I have all three pics of this plane intact two taken in March 1918 and another taken in April of 1918, all three pictures show the airplane after it has been painted all red I can not see any stencil markings nor serial number, but in almost every profile drawing or painting it shows the serial number and sometimes the weight stencil, same with models. Was this aircraft painted at the factory? Where the stencils reapplied after painting in the field? Or did the aircraft just have all those markings painted over? Thanks Denis
  3. pic of the PE, can't get it to work sorry
  4. the one thing that I am wondering is what markings it will come with, as the box art states that you get the parts for doing f.1, d.1early and d.1 late they must have at least three marking options in the box, but what markings? One is for the Red Baron but by the box art I hope not
  5. Thanks but HLJ and Wheels and wings are out of stock also it is getting hard to find. just trying to see if Tamiya has temporarily put it on the back burner as they do sometime then rerelease them years later eg, a6m zero. Denis
  6. Can't seem to find this kit at my usual places it's kit # 60325, have no problem finding the other Corsairs even Tamiya USA or out of this item, was wondering if it is temporarily out of production. Thanks Denis
  7. If you are planning on going to acrylics try the Tamiya line airbrushes well.
  8. On the 1/32 kits Tamiya has gone away from the moving parts to positional parts as in the Corsairs which I think is alot better than fiddling with those stupid hinges for the flaps and such.
  9. Been waiting for a package form Hannants it was dispatched on May 2, June 8th still waiting, the post guy said that it could take a month and a half, used to take a week. Oh well just have to wait I have not had anything go missing form Hannants ever. Denis
  10. Great job I have the same, did you use Tamiya panel line accent for the panel lines?
  11. What aftermarket did you use, good job!
  12. Just a great build Thanks for sharing
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