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  1. Congratulations Frank! As others have said - welcome to the club. Stoked for you also!
  2. hehe, you know it's going to be the hardest ones to do right? If I were looking to use replacement parts, it would be the bomber bubble an forward half of the upper turret. To me those are the ones that are the worst on my copy.
  3. Ali, I agree with you however would also say that should you actually consider it, I would recommend to look at the 2 or 3 main clear parts that really need to be done and leave the rest to the kit parts which are largely acceptable in most cases and won't be an issue on the completed model. Again, decision is respected and appreciated.
  4. Com'on Alf - those were the comfy seats! LOL - didn't you get the 'extra cushion' from maintenance? bet you waved 'bye-bye' on climb out a few times too. Looking forward to watching this - haven't had the drive to try this one myself. Comox t-bags were grey by the time I got to them in the early 90's. Great start boss! there's a bad pic of me floating around somewhere in the cockpit of a hanger queen before my red pages exam.
  5. I'd buy a pair of those straight up! Bravo Jug!
  6. I have a 2021 Outback but have the higher trim with the twin turbo engine so I can tow the boat or a utility trailer. Still like the car just as much as I did when it was new. Takes a bit to get used to the beeps and squeaks of the eye sight system but after a couple weeks you'll be ignoring it. I have lots of power in mine and still get very good milage compared to others out there. Only my old 2009 Nissan Sentra was better on gas. You'll love it.
  7. its a movie - not a documentary.
  8. take a picture from the other side and it's just fine
  9. Only thing I can think of now is watching planes ground looping backwards
  10. I selected ground and was refunded the difference.
  11. From my pilots perspective and talking to both F-35 & F-18E/F test pilots - both are good, capable platforms for the intent of each design. My choice, is the F-35. I've heard and seen what the Saab can (and can't) do - I want us to have the F-35. Nothing else fits the bill when it comes to our defence needs (sorry - insiders knowledge here). Our defence needs have changed from 10 and even 5 years ago and also how we would integrate with other nations in a conflict. This has to be taken into consideration and not looked at from a past perspective, if that's what one's doing. Without knowledge of current tactics and systems it's not easy to know what those needs are (if at all). Yes, we Canadians love our CF-18 - almost to a fault. That can't be used to put blinders on for the current needs of the Nation and our requirements. Single engine discussion - a goose could take out a CF-18 (there - said it, yea a perfect placed bird strike, a one in a million chance but is possible). Yes redundancy is nice if it fits the bill. Two reasons the F-18 beat out the F-16 in evaluations - the F100 engine and intake was a hoover vacuum and the system itself wasn't as proven in cold climates like Canada's north. Some countries had large growing pains in colder climates early on with the F-16. The F-35 & F135 engine (and possible upgrade) are proven by the Netherlands and Norway in cold climates already and with Finland shortly. Sure, there will be failures unfortunately, but there were with the CF-18 too (single engine issue on show demo in Lethbridge in 2016 led to a crash as one eg) but lessons from everyone will be implemented. The one benefit we have is lessons from several countries flying the F-35 currently when we learned concurrently with the CF-18. just my 2c (I'll get off my soap box now)
  12. Loved it! Fighter pilots creed - never let the truth get in the way of a good story haha! We're cut from the same cloth. Drew "Scrubs" Hatch
  13. Interesting - you have direct inside knowledge? If I did I sure wouldn't post it.
  14. None, but that isn't the real issue. In my opinion, WNW legal is buying time to take the mold manufacturer to court in an attempt to deem the sale wrongful to stop Border. The case is really between the mold manufacturer and WNW. Border, distributors and modellers are caught in the midst. IMO, WNW can't do anything to Border or a distributor without a court ruling in their favour of wrongful sale of the molds. Never said they were - said CAD files are WNW IP. It's a different argument for a defunct company to retain IP. Puts WNW in a bad spot claiming IP to me, shows they didn't cease being a company as noted, which goes back to possibly defaulting on the contract with the mold manufacturer. it's a vicious circle to claim one or the other. What's that old adage - possession is 9/10 of the law.
  15. There are contractual ownership clauses in every contract which always favour the manufacturer until paid in full. Cancellation and default clauses are the same. Usually there are small clauses within each that will stipulate a walk away clause - ie: you own nothing materially if you default and walk away regardless of percent paid. Anything we say is speculation. Based on my experiences with such clauses, for WNW to claim ownership or IP as they are, they would have had to declare force majeure to the manufacturer at the time of closing their doors at the beginning of Covid within the clauses of the contract. Issue here is what was in the contract with the mold manufacturer - we'll never know. From my experience in managing these type of large contracts, if the mold manufacturer didn't hand over the CAD files as stated (which would be IP owned by WNW - a different argument for a defunct company) then I personally don't see the case as legit.
  16. that bodes good - maybe I'll be seeing mine in the near future
  17. wait till you get water come up at you. Happened to a sqn mate in CF-5's - an aircraft tech didn't check the rain drain and neither did he in pre-flight. Someone got the name "Plug" after that.
  18. No we're not unfortunately. shortage here too is leading to theft on job sites. we still speak english for a 2x4 - no clue how to ask for one in metric Has more to do with lack of log haul drivers - my uncle is one and is offered triple wage to work on his day off. drives price at the mill up, then at home depot. I wanted a couple pcs to build a bird house - my loan was denied.
  19. I drag a light pass of a scriber or sharpened tooth pick when the toothbrush doesn't work.
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