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Lockheed T-33A-1-LO 'T-Bird' RDAF


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Hi Kent

I'm currently building a big T-33, so I read through your build to pick up some tips. Very nice!

For the speed brakes, I don't think it's possible to have them half-open in real life. When I flew them ages ago (summer of '86), we usually parked them with speed brakes fully open. The switch was a simple slide open/close, with no ability to stop them partway. I suppose it's possible (but not sure) for the techs to move them partly closed after hydraulic power is gone, but it may not be possible.

Even on a real aircraft, it's hard to crawl under that area and see up inside. During walkarounds, I would mostly look on the ground to see if there were any fresh fluid leaks coming from the gear wells and speed brake wells, because it was hard to get underneath.

I have some detail shots of a museum aircraft from Bagotville, Quebec, in case you want some. There are some of the nose and main gear wells, if you want to see the tubing and other stuff in there.

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Finally finished. This took a while longer than I expected, but anyhow it's done...












I struggled a bit with the aluminium surfaces, what I didn't want was a 'nice' surface, but a weathered look of real 'worn metal', but not too much.




In the end I opted the DT-571 one of the planes which was used  for the Delmar tow target system. This aircraft was serving from 1961 until 1976 RDAF.

(It was flown to Norway in 1981, where it was restored and is now on exhibit at the 'Flyhistoriske Museum Sola' in Stavanger in Norwegian 'attire')


Cheers: Kent

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