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Lockheed T-33A-1-LO 'T-Bird' RDAF


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Well, I will try once more to 'participate' in a Group Build. 


I have gotten an itch to get some 'metal' under the knife, and this is one of me few favorite jet airplanes the old 'T-Bird'.




T-33 got its entry into the Danish Air Force in April 1953 with 30 aircraft, partly rented, partly bought.

T-33A is a 2-seater all-metal aircraft mainly used for training in instrument flight, for target towing and courier flight, etc.

The last official flight with T-33A in RDAF took place on 17.5.77, when DT-497 flew from Karup to Værløse.




The kit is Special Hobby's limited run kit of the T-33.




Decals for the Danish version, Hahen.


Unfortunately the first 'hurdle' has allready stalled the build before I even had the chance to start.

The Danish T-Bird had Martin-Baker Mk DU5A-1/2 (front/Back) and it doesn't look like they are available, in another kit or as resin?


Cheers: Kent


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36 minutes ago, mozart said:

Good to see you “participating” Kent, I’ll be interested to see how you tackle the ‘metal’ finish because, despite your initial stall, I know you’ll get there! :unsure:


The reason and motivation for this build is to work with a weathered-worn surface, nothing 'nice'




Something between this...




And this...




Definitely not like this!



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So yesterday I got my hands on a treasure trove of photos of the danish T-33A's

If I wasn't determined before, I now am for sure. Everything is photographed and documented and measured, a modellers dream!

I think I will have to go the full length with this build, at least on the exterior...






A couple of samples...


I want to ask if there are any plans out there, with the location of rivets on the T-33A airframe?


Cheers: Kent


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Thanks, it's a somewhat tough start - but here we go...


First I thought of beginning to paint the base of the PE IP's with a paintbrush, but I would never be able to get a decent result.

Then I thought of doing it with Airscale instruments, but my 'micro skills' doesn't agree with micro work.

So trying to avoid building the IP completely from scratch, I started by making a silicone print of the PE panels.




Fortunately I have a lot of good photo's of the IP, so I photoshopped some decals to fit on top of the resin copy's.






This is the result when applying the decals on top of the kit IP resin copy's.

The glass had been made by applying epoxy glue in small drops.

I'm pretty happy with the result. Didn't take too long.


Cheers: Kent

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3 minutes ago, jenshb said:

Very convincing instrument panels Kent!  As far as the seats - can you use MB. Mk4s as a starting point?  The number refers to the *technology* of the seat, not it's appearance, so different numbers can look similar, and same numbers can look different.




I certainly hope so, Harold of AMS has dug out his out of production MB 5 seat and cast a copy of it for me. I hope that I can convert it into DU5A...

Alternatively I will have to build one myself.



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25 minutes ago, jenshb said:

The Aires Mk.4 seat has the metal  "tray" for the parachute.




May be a starting point.



Yeah I have been studying the different MB resin offers, I may be wrong, but I do not think any of them resembles the top of the MB DU5A...




There is no parachute 'tray' like the MB 4





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