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A6M2b Zero Lt. Fusata Iida, Carrier Soryu, 07 Dec 1941 [Tamiya 1/32]


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By far my longest, most involved project to date.


Many people followed along and offered advice and encouragement on my build thread, but I would like to especially call out and thank Ryan (A6M) whose expert advice on all things Zero was immensely helpful and made this a better model than I otherwise would have been able to build.


I tried to up my RFI game a bit on this one by purchasing a cheap tablecloth to use as a background and actually digging out my old DSLR (versus just taking iPhone photos).  Perhaps for the next model I will further improve on this by ironing the tablecloth...


First some shots featuring the detailed innards of the forward fuselage, plus the folded wingtips.










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And then with the wingtips extended and cowling buttoned up, as spotted on deck prior to the raid on Pearl Harbor.






(the extended version of the wingtips has too thin a coat of paint on them.  I will fix this at some point...)








And one of the undersides, for completeness





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