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JetMads 1/32 Viggen

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18 hours ago, Chek said:

I've been watching out for six months plus for a UK supplier to have the MRP colours come into stock.


I don't know where you are located, but if you are in EU you could easily buy from MRPs website.


Edit: I just noticed, that you are in the UK (why, oh why, didn't I pay attention ... ). So I'm sure they ship to the UK, even these days.



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Didn't read Chek's post thouroghly enough ...
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5 minutes ago, jenshb said:

What about the Hataka Swedish colours?  They are available as lacquers too.


The colours look good (I have the Hataka red line colours for the Swedish set, but will probably buy the orange line lacquer ones too at some point).



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Thanks Vince, I was able to get some of what I'm looking for.

I'll probably use NATO black as a substitute and check photos more diligently see what if any special properties the dark green has.


Good call Matt. Some years ago I built the Airfix Viggen prototype in NMF for my son, and I hope the rumoured AJ-37 will be forthcoming from Jetmads to revisit it.


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Wonderful assortment! Splinter camo, greys, NMF, special schemes, white tails and black tails... Would be unjust not the appreciate the effort these guys are putting.

The D/Di version of the Viggen has great schemes too and I would definitely be in for the Black Viggen and Bla Petter, if they ever decide to release them.

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