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JetMads 1/32 Viggen


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Has anyone else received an e-mail from Jetmads re the Viggen kit, specifically the cost and ordering details 


Specifically an RRP of $240  with a discount for pre-orders bringing the cost to $190 , However based on the spec, I 'm happy to pay the cost , but I'd be interested to hear what other think ..


BTW delivery is expected to begin Marsh next year , however money upfront ..

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I haven’t had any further contact from them yet, but given the design and cost to manufacture a resin/3D printed kit of that size.....I’d say it’s a bargain. I’m more than happy to shell out that cost, and upfront too. It’ll go on credit card so I’ll be protected against any potential failure to deliver.

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They're requesting reserved pr-ordering to begin on 30th August to 30th Sept, which reduces the price to US$192  (GB£145).

Production of parts begins in Sept-Oct, with shipping beginning the later part of March 2021.

Hopefully I'll have managed to finally get some MRP Swedish colours by then!

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I cheekily, or recklessly depending on your POV put in for a second one - so I don't know if my confirmation is for one or both at this stage.

But I'd really like a grey scheme and a fields and meadows one too, as it's such an iconic scheme.


I've been collecting Viggen material since 1998 off the web and it's hard to credit what we once considered adequate resolutions for photos (600 x 450 anybody?)

But I attacked the folder and tied up serial numbers and got them into a reasonable order and along the way got to understand the AJ/AJS and related upgrades as a bonus.

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Yep also got an email inviting payment:



You are receiving this email as we have logged, based on your request, a reservation for a copy or copies of our upcoming 1/32 JA37 Viggen kit. Below stated for your infornation are price detalls, project schedule and delivery terms. We have many newcoming modelers recently introduced to our brand, so this email also aims to give some idea on our production process.

You are kindly requested to let us know as soon as possible if you decide not to complete your purchase and choose to cancel your reservation, as there is a crowded waiting list looking forward to hearing about vacancies.

Main topics are adressed below and if you need further information please feel free to contact us.


-          Pre-order period of the Viggen starts on 30 August and lasts on 30 September, during which 20% pre-order discount will be applied on the 240 USD listing price of the kit, bringing it down to 192 USD + 30 USD registered mail.

-          Online store page of the Viggen will be activated on 30 August for purchases at 17:00 Istanbultime (UTC+3), when everyone is awake at the same time in eastern and western time zones.

-          Primary list reservation holders are requested to complete their purchases until 10 September. Waiting list reservation holders will be notified of vacancies if and when they occur. Reservations in the primary list that are still not registered as a purchase until 10 September will be moved over to the waiting list.

-          After filling in all your details on the checkout page, you will be directed to our payment gateway’s (Iyzico / PayU) page. This is a secure page fully encrypted where none of your information is stored. Please leave the 3D Secure box UNCHECKED, as this is an in-country SMS verification application and does not apply to transactions abroad.

-          You will receive a confirmation email of your order after checkout, including your shopping details and your 5-digit order number (something like 10xxx). It may sometimes takes a few minutes to arrive and if it does not in 30 minutes, please let us know.

-          Orders are processed and kits will be shipped on a first-come first-served basis.

-          We produce a certain part of the kit in one go for all 500 copies. That means no kit is completed until the last set of parts is produced as this is the most effective way of mass producing a resin kit and keeping its price at resonable levels. 

-          Viggen project has over 20.000 parts to be cast and over 100.000 parts to be 3D printed. We take special care to create a premium product which reflects all the details we spend too much time to design. Producing so many parts is an arduous work taking some time. We will be performing test casts, test prints, test builds and mold production (a few hundres of them) in September and October. The production of the kit will start in November and is planned to be finished by the end of February 2021. Shipments are planned to start by the first week of March, 2021. The schedule may have slight shifts back or forth.

-          We desire to complete the production as soon as possible in order to move over to the next exciting project. However, please be noted that we never rush and produce anything perfunctorily. All parts are produced to certain quality standards and if we have to choose between time and quality, the latter is always the winner. 

-          You must have noticed by now that we always welcome communication and it is our policy to keep everyone updated on an ongoing project. We will be issuing an update at the end of every month and let you know how the project progresses.

-          This is a limited edition premium product. All our sales are final. The only condition we offer a full refund is if ever we officially announce that the project is cancelled.

-          We place the kit parts in a custom made foam, which has proven to effectively protect even the very tiny and delicate parts. Although a very very rare situation, any part that may be harmed during transportation will be replaced immediately.

-          We have shipped over 460 Skystreak kits abroad, all but two of which arrived their destinations safely (not to mention these two we have been taken care of properly) and that was during the peak of the pandemic in March and April, proof that registered mail service is an economic and safe way of shipping the packages. Nevertheless, please let us know if you wish your package to be carried by express courier services, with extra shipping cost.


We have been spending enormous amount of time to get everything right with our Viggen kit and we will spend whatever time and effort is required to produce it equally right. Our team wish to thank you for participating in this project and sharing our love of the Viggen.


Kind Regards,


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7 minutes ago, Dave Williams said:

“We will be performing test casts, test prints, test builds and mold production (a few hundres of them) in September and October. ”

So a few hundred test builds before the 500? Why not make your life easier and do one test print and cast so people can see it. Even the big boys do that.


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