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BAe Hawk - Swiss Air Force - Revell 1/32


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Here is my new project: the nice Hawk from Revell with Swiss Air Force Matterhorn Circle decals.

Switzerland flew these jets during the 90' and then sold them all to Finland. They were replaced by turboprop Pilatus PC-21, which allows a direct transition to the F/A-18.




The cockpit is nice and simple and fits very well.



I bought the Aires MK10 seats for Tornado. With 2-3 adjustments, they will be close enough to the Hawk's MK10s.

They are a bit less wide than the kit seats (which seems too wide),  the height is almost the same.

So far so good.





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That Red Arrows red plastic takes me back.

I remember ordering one from Argos (a UK chainstore) who were selling them at £9.99 each.

I dread to think how long ago that was. Even the shopping centre is long gone now.

I'm sure I got some Eduard bits for it too, in the hope of a quick build.

The original Hawks look so much better than any of their single seat or long nosed derivatives

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On ‎6‎/‎18‎/‎2020 at 11:58 PM, PeterOlsen said:

Hi Tristan, Is that the recent tooling ? How far out is that red plastic ! What mods. will you do to the seats ?

Should be a great build, all the best for the project 



Thank you Pete!


Yes, tooling is from 2010. The red plastic is unusual indeed, I'll see if this really adds complexity.

I still have to figure out what mods will be brought to the seats but this should be centered around the sides and headrest.



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  • 6 months later...

Hi Guys,


Slowly but surely progressing.


The Aires MK10 tornado seats have been "pimped" to better match the Hawk version. Plastic card, wires, and the sides from the kit seats and I called it a day.






With a coat of Mr Hobby black surfacer


I spare you the struggle to get a smooth intake duct. I decided to close the fuselage before painting the cockpit - It is wide enough to allow it. I have added parts form the eduard interior set and a few plastic bits.



I made masks with the Silhouette for the instrument panels...




And sprayed some Tamiya ocean grey - a good match for the "admiralty grey" of the real one (considering the scale effect).



Wing fences - specific to the Mk60 series. Those are paper prototypes cut with the Silhouette. Each is unique as the wing profile is slightly different..



Most of the work was required for the mid and aft section of the fuselage. All 3 small sircular windows we re-made - the original inserts are terrible. Duct were added for every openings, some panel lines filled,  etc.

Rivets were added individually using a beading tool. I know that the originals are raised on the aft section but I find the Archers out of scale. Mine are discrete enough to make illusion.

Flaps were also cut out. Brake parachute box reshaped.

And all suraces were sanded smooth as the platic is grainy...




Fit of the nav lights was bad. I filled the gap with streatched sprue and re-scribed.


Overall fit is quite good.






CMK flaps are pretty bad- being copies of the original parts they don't fit when dropped. I had to cut and shorten the 3 pieces holding the thing.



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