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  1. Hi Thunnus, I'm not sure why you broke out the super glue debonder? if I understand correctly, you were using it to clean up the excess glue around the joins? Have you tryed using some fine grade sand paper wrapped around a toothpick ? ( a grade that won't scratch the PE but will still take the CA away) CA glue is so brittle that you can also cut and or chip it away with a sharp No.11 blade. Perhaps a combination of these two ideas might be helpful and that way you could leave the debonder out of the equation. I hope this is of some help. All the best with your progress, Cheers Pete
  2. Dream big Chrish, go for it ! Cheers, Pete
  3. Hi Thunnus, I'm really enjoying your work so far. I'm also building White 7 from this kit, but I've put it aside for the time being. I love the Claes Sundin art profile for this A/C that you've posted on page 1, it's so artistically inspiring. If I'm not mistaken, the H-0 version had a wooden tail so don't make the mistake I did, there shouldn't be rivets on the tail fin. All the best, Cheers, Pete
  4. Hi Antonio, nice cockpit, I'm enjoying your progress. Cheers, Pete
  5. Hi 109er, All the best for your Mum's recovery. Love the chips on the landing gear struts. Cheers, Pete
  6. Hi Miloslav, Its looking really fantastic so far ! I'm really looking forward to your next update. I see you're in Praha, will you be taking any of your models to the Plastic Winter show in Bratislava this year ? All the best, cheers, Peter
  7. Hi Fenous ,Nice work so far. I'll be following along, all the best. Cheers Pete.
  8. Hi Rato, Really fantastic work ! I''m looking forward to more. Cheers, Peter
  9. Ok , whoops just saw your latest post.... I got a little trigger happy there, sorry about that. Anyway, glad you got it sorted !
  10. Hi Pastor John, Sorry to hear about your fit issues. i hope I can help with some suggestions if you dont mind..... So, just to confirm, are you saying that you have already glued the two fuselage halfs together along with the top cowl section? I find it usefull to take all the kit cockpit parts off the sprues and dry fit them together into the fuselage using poster tak and tamiya tape . This gives me a sense of how things go together and also serves as a guide to help fit the resin parts and find their exact placement. You can also directly compare the resin cockpit parts to the kit parts to see if there are any isues with size or shape differences. I also have the Aires cockpit set for this kit and while i didn't experience the issues you've described, I did find that the cockpit tub was undersize and to narrow to fit into the fuselage at the rear where the horizontal shelf meets the top of the fuselage sill. The only soluton I can come up with is to put plastic shims on either side to help make contact and keep it in place. Having said that I wonder if perhaps you have set your cockpit tub a little to far forward in the fuselage which may be causing the to fuselage halfs to be slightly to wide apart and thus making your windshield to narrow to fit . I hope that makes sense ! I love the details in Aires resin sets but they do have a reputation for challenging fit issues that's for sure. Barracuda resin do some nice cocpit replacement parts for the Revel 109's if you interested in that route. I hope I've been of some help. Cheers Pete.
  11. Nice work Miloslav, What is you impression of the PCM kit so far?
  12. Thanks fellas, you're all to kind. It's really nice to have your support. Cheers, Pete.
  13. Thanks guys, very much appreciated, Cheers, Pete.
  14. Thankyou so much everyone, I really appreciate it ! Pete.
  15. Hi Jerry, thanks for your input. I did indeed paint the under cowling in yellow. It's just difficult to see from the angle of the pictures I've posted here. Cheers, Peter P.S ...... actually,..... if you zoom in you can just see it
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