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  1. That’ll look fine under a coat of paint
  2. Thanks Miloslav, if you get some other buyers then I’ll definitely be interested. Peter
  3. Thanks for the pic Radu I haven’t seen that one before. Ok, so the chute is rectangular in shape which curves from the gun to the underside surface of the wing (in the direction towards the fuselage.) Is that right ? That shouldn’t be to hard to construct....... As I have eluded to above I didn’t want to just cut out the hatch and leave a hole which lets the viewer see right into an empty wing. Cheers Pete.
  4. Thanks Mike, no, I didn’t mean the gondola. I’m looking at the 1:48 Eduard A-8/R2 kit and the hole for the Shells is quite sizeable so I figure it might be a little different but I honestly don’t know. Thanks anyway for the pic.
  5. Very nice job Miloslav ! I can’t seem to find any of the black box cockpits for this kit anywhere. I guess since they came out around 2005 they’ve all been sold out. Did you get your cockpit on Ebay or have you had it in your stash for a while? Even the Eduard P.E for this kit is hard to come by now. Congratulations again on your build. Cheers, Pete.
  6. Does anyone have any reference on the shape of the cannon chutes of the 30mm Mk108 cannons in the Fw 190A-8/R2 ? I’m converting the 1:32 Hasegawa Fw 190A-8 kit into the sturmbock version and the shell ejector ports leave quite a large hole in the wing underside. I would like to build the chutes from styrene card but I can’t any reference on their shape. Any help appreciated, Cheers, Pete.
  7. Absolutely amazing As always Pete, congratulations, well done ! Cheers Pete
  8. Hey Bernd, I picked up a copy of Air Modeller with your Me 262 in it. Congrats it looks great mate ! Cheers Pete.
  9. Brilliant Modelling Serversky ! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones, God bless the Ukraine Peter
  10. She’s looking good Matt, Cheers Pete
  11. Hi Bernd, brilliant work as always, the weathering on the top wing looks fantastic ! All the best, Cheers, Pete.
  12. No worries Tristan, I understand. You inspired me to go out and grab this kit; Actually, I just picked one up this morning. I‘m looking forward to your next project, Cheers Pete.
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