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  1. Hi Sebastiano, very lovely work indeed ! that 109f cockpit looks great, I’m looking forward to more. All the best, cheers, Pete
  2. Hi John, I love how your gun sight reflector glass is tapered, very cool ! Perhaps the HGW seats are over scale a little but I still think they look the part, Cheers, Pete
  3. And now onto the most challenging and notorious part of this kit ..... The engines !!! " den den dahhhhh !" (that's supposed to be some dramatic daunting music there) To be blunt the fit of these parts is not good, but you will see below my way around it.... Oh, I forgot to mention, I glued the top and bottom wing halves together first. I worked on attaching only one half of the engine to wings first. I focused on only cementing the joins on the top side first. I used supper glue gel underneath the joints and when I was happy that the parts were aligned properly I hi
  4. G'day everyone, here's a bit of progress on the 110 to show you. All the cockpit parts have been cemented into their required places and packed away nicely into the fuselage parts. After all the hard work I always find this to be a bit of a bitter sweet moment on any kit but the build does have to move on. I left out some of the ammunition canisters near the radios which will require a little adjusting to get them to sit in nicely. The two fuselage halves went together rather well and I took extra care to make sure the vertical panel lines matched up on the upper and lower parts
  5. Thanksyou, Brett M, LSP. Kevin , Thunnus, much appreciated. LSP Kevin: The seat belt weathering was achieved by just a simple oil wash and dry Brush. I brush on a coat of future first and once dry I apply the wash. what I like to do is let the oil wash set up for twelve hours- I find that this way they blend and stain really nicely. Then its just a dry brush of a lighter tone once thats dry. I hope that helps ! Thanks agin for your picture posting assistance. Brett M: Give that lovely gold retriever of yours a pat from me. Lovely work on your Dauntless, she's looking
  6. Nice work John, it looks like you're on top things Cheers, Pete.
  7. Stay tuned folks, I'll post some updates this weekend........... Pete.
  8. AlbertD : Thank you, glad to have you aboard. Alburymodel: Is Eduard re-releaseing the 1:48 BF 110G-4 again ? Where did you hear that ? I've been looking on their site and they're sold out and I can't seem to find them on the web either. Thats some good news hopefully. I've been eyeing off some of the 1:48 pro modeller 110g-4's on eBay, .....I have the g-2 in the stash but I would need to get exhaust dampeners and the antennas- would probably have to go the scratch build route though............. Hope all is well in Oz back home mate cheers
  9. Hi folks, I have a little bit of progress to show on this build but for the most part my 262 has been sitting patiently as I've been project hopping from build to build. However, a little something is better then nothing so here goes..... I've completed the seat belts using HGW's 1:32 Me 262 seatbelt set. no 132533. They're quite time consuming but totally worth it in the end. I think they're far superior to photo etch parts and they just seem to bend weave and flow much more naturally. As you'll see by the pics this was the look I was going for. I think they turned out quite well
  10. Thanks Kagemusha Thanks mozart Mozart, The weathering was achieved by layering of different techniques ; spray painting pre shadows, oil washes, paint chips and scuffing with a sponge ( similar to a dry brush but with a sponge) some fine brush painting with paint chips in there too. I had to do some reworking so it was kind of a " lather wash rinse repeat" kind of affair. Cheers, Pete
  11. The thread to my WIP, 1:48 Eduard Bf 110E is up now...... otherwise just take me out the back and shoot me please
  12. Thankyou for the Pic posting help LSP Kevin !
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