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  1. Mark M

    What decals for Revell super Bug?

    if thats the only fault i dont think it will be that much of a chore to build it up with filler
  2. Mark M

    What decals for Revell super Bug?

    thanks sadly i cant seem to get those in the UK at present
  3. Mark M

    What decals for Revell super Bug?

    ok, heres some very bad photos from my crappy phone
  4. Mark M

    What decals for Revell super Bug?

    im probably the wrong person to ask i know very little about the hornet having looked over the instructions and kit, the flat spine is very noticable, and the molds are not as crisp as id expect from a new kit, the detail is a bit soft in places the main issue for me is according to the instructions there are 150 steps to the build, and TBH they look very over complex i would take some sprue shots, but i managed to drop my camera this morning at the air museum i collected the kit from sorry i cant help any more
  5. guys, the revell decals in my kit look a little thick so ive been looking for replacment, but i cant find any? i may be blind but theres nothing for a 1/32 F/a-18e OR am i blind, if there is any UK links would be helpful thanks Mark
  6. Mark M

    "White 22" 1./KG(J)6 Erla 109G-10

    thats cracking i may have got get some of those masks
  7. Mark M

    Looks like the Revell Super Hornet is out

    i have one on order, wont be long until its on the bench
  8. another one to watch, i like that scheme on the Intruder
  9. Mark M

    1:18 Hobbyboss AV-8B Harrier

  10. Mark M

    F-117A | Nighthawk | 1:32

  11. Mark M

    Su-30 China Air Force Trumpeter 1:32

    thats fantastic!!
  12. Mark M

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    just caught up with this after a while, this is stunning mate
  13. Mark M

    Nürnberg 2019 LSP list

    dont forget a Malta defender
  14. Mark M

    F-14A Tomcat Trumpeter 1:32

    very nice mate well done