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  1. Thays if shows ever happen again lol
  2. more dangally bits, dont seem to do much with a whole days work and my daily tonka shot
  3. jp233 is basically a mini cluster bomb and land mines, so when they blow up a runway its difficult to repair it as there are landmines everywhere so when the world banned landmines in 1997 (land mine treaty) these were withdrawn from service. So as the first flight of a GR4 was in 1997 they wernt used. However...... in 1998 there were several sorties and testing carried out using empty but weighted jp233 canisters, im not sure why but they happened
  4. so the tanks and Paveways are done, right whats next...
  5. Jim's asked me to message you check your pm
  6. Just ordered a set not sure if I'll use them of this but I have a revell review kit of the removed hawkt2 on the way
  7. as we like tonkas so much ill add a few random shots now and again sep 2018 RAF Coningsby
  8. cheers rich, not out yet, well i cant find any but hopefully soon then
  9. so ive rectified the fins and repainted, glossed and decaled, then now need to be sealed and given a wash ive also started with the paveways, ive decided to go with these rather then the storm shaddow so i can use the pod sorry about the colour of the photos, just used my phone for these
  10. its the not the pit im after its this bit some are differnt colours, the other special tail 41sqn aircraft has one white one dsg
  11. Tbh I wouldn't bother with the Aries pit, the italeri one seems 95% accurate for a gr4 and there is plenty of detail
  12. here you go it doesnt have a rear bulk head you can see all the way through here are a few piccys ive found over the years, most my own but a few from the net https://markmarples.smugmug.com/Tornado-Gr4/
  13. i was under the impression the real thing does not have a rear bulkheat to the front seat,and it is hollow other then the isnstruments, however i may be wrong. i will be building it out of the box anyway just becarefull using the aries, unless your backdating to a gr1 as they were very different consoles and layouts
  14. MISTAKE -1 whats wrong with this picture yes i put the fins on backsward!! AND NOBODY NOTICED!!!! time to flip them and repaint
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