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  1. Mark M

    Brazilian Mirage IIIEBR

    Thanks Guys
  2. Mark M

    Brazilian Mirage IIIEBR

    fcm decals bought via hannants
  3. Well shes finaly done, built from the reboxed Italeri kit (revell boxing) not a shake and bake kit but looks good to me, hope you like her
  4. Mark M

    Panavia Tornado IDS, German Air Force

    very nice mate
  5. Mark M

    T-45C Conversion from Revell Kit

    Epic is all i can say
  6. Mark M

    Revell P-51D

  7. Mark M

    Fw 190 A8/R11 Nightfighter Finished

    very nice mate
  8. Mark M

    Eurofighter Typhoon Centerline Pylon

    hi mate, give 'Wunwinglow' a PM he made a 3d printed one for me
  9. Mark M

    T-45C Conversion from Revell Kit

    cool this is a conversion i wanted to do, i spent a lot of time with Gabe Pinccelli over the details, however at the time i didnt thnik my skills were up to it so following with interest
  10. Mark M

    Su-24M Trumpeter 1:48