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  1. cant wait to get mine, my bench is nearly empty
  2. Looks great but not sure heating it on the hob is the best idea
  3. The litening goes on the front left outer pylon and bombs 1 behind, 1 on mid and 2 on right hand, check out my build thread there are photos there
  4. Looks great As for missiles you need the aim132 same as I used on mine, if it has training bombs you only need 1 but war load would carry 2, hannants / eduard
  5. looks great mate, but a word of caution the sidewinders left service before that type of lgb's came in but.... only geeks would know
  6. Thanks you all Guys, well the base has arrived so when i sort it ill add a couple more photos
  7. i had to fill the same spot underneath, but non on the intakes looking good your certainly moving faster than i did
  8. Cheers guys much appreciated Scotsman - decals in the post today
  9. I left the internal vanes off
  10. i had to trim the tabs off on mine as i had glued them to the edge
  11. looking good mate, but make sure there is a gap her at the outside, as the wing glove hase to go between the top of the fuserlarge and the swing wing pivot, the instructions arnt clear only glue the wing pivot to the underside of the top piece of the fuserlarge near the centre not near the edge as i did
  12. fisnished photos in the ready for Inspection section
  13. Well guys shes finally done, sadly the display base from costal kits still hasnt arrived. Big thanks to all who helped and offered advice in the build I present Italeri's 1/32 Tornado GR4, with xtradecal decals, mastercasters seats, and pitol
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