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Very nice build and a joy to follow. When i look at the pictures off the tails one question comes to mind.


Are the decals in the right place? When i look at the rudders it seems like the left tail is upside down. The right tail has the decals above the rounded edge of the rudder and the left tail has the decals at the rounded part of the rudder. I hope that you see what I mean.

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I see what you mean. It probably appears that way because the rudders are incorrectly molded identical so they have the trim tab “arm” on the same side and all the little details as well.  Very confusing during assembly. Plus I don’t think I laid them out in the right orientation with the horizontal stab for the pic...

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I think you got them right. I had to double check walkaround photos when I assembled mine. The rudders appear identical / interchangeable, but they are not symmetrical themselves. The trim tab actuating rods are both on the same side as the left wingtip.


I also appreciate your comments on the silhouette portrait 2. I've got one on my wishlist, but they are really expensive!

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