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  1. That’s really cool! I’ll have to see how big it would have to be.
  2. Thank you! I never succeed dipping parts in future. So instead I have started brushing it on lightly with a good wide brush once it’s attached to the model before I put on the masks.
  3. I love the look of the gray and white, especially with the splashes of red! So cool!
  4. Thanks! I used a mask for the bat nose. I can’t remember who makes it. It was tricky I remember and required a few touch ups, but I really like the way it turned out! I’ve got the spot next to it reserved for the B-26 Marauder that will surely come some day!
  5. Thank you so much! Coming from you Tom, that means a lot! I have been very inspired by your amazing work!
  6. That’s a very cool idea! Not sure where I could find a pic like that with high enough resolution...
  7. Thanks! It’s just Tamiya XF-15 Flat Flesh. I lightened it up a bit for the elevators and the ailerons. Otherwise, straight from the bottle. I did use some oil filters to modulate the tone during weathering.
  8. Completed today and hung up in the back of my display case. Overall, a lot of fun to build. I really didn't run into many issues along the way. I did take some shortcuts on the interior as I knew it wouldn't be visible in the end. I added some waist/belly windows and also eliminated the ball turret and instead added a tunnel gun. Hope you enjoy!
  9. Wrapping this one up... I had a hard time coming up with a plan for the tunnel gun, so in the end, I rushed it so I could put something in place. It's ok. I used the kit part and after cutting an opening, added some bracing and a clear piece of packaging. I'll post some finished photos next.
  10. I didn’t have the CD, but it was the paper and decal setting spray. I used a free image editing tool and printed from there. The resolution wasn’t terrific, but from a short distance it looks the part!
  11. My first time doing homemade decals using the testors system. Not perfect, but overall I am really happy with the results. It curled really bad in the water, but I was able to flatten it out on the fuselage. I think my sizing on the lettering is a little off. Too big, but I'm not changing it at this point.
  12. Got the other side of the nose painted. I used testors decal system to create a decal for the Liberandos shield. I also started weathering the wings.
  13. I can't say enough about the capabilities you gain when you start using a cutter/plotter. I could have never accomplished this scheme without one!
  14. This thing is huge! I got the basic paint down, and wanted to see how the wings would look mounted. I don't know how anyone has the space to paint this monster with the wings attached!
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