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  1. Starting working on the wall stand for it. Pretty excited with how it is going! Was able to get everything dialed using two spare HK stands thanks to Patrick Sparks.
  2. Been plugging away at the B-24! I experimented with some color on a test wing and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Somewhere I read that Tamiya Flat Flesh was a decent match for the Sand color used in North Africa. Well after using it I totally agree, at least to my eye. It has a nice pink hue and I think will look great on the whole airframe. I also kept looking at the tires and finally decided I couldn't live with the flat spot. So I used some miliput an rounded them out. I also started the process of creating the little windows next to the tunnel gun. This is really uncharted territory for me! I used some clear plastic from some packaging and after taping it to the fuselage, I traced out the shape to be cut out. Next I will have to build little sills in the openings for them to sit on. Thanks for looking!
  3. I really like the squiggle! It will look great with everything said and done! What brand paint did you use? Leo
  4. Great video! I am using a scan of a decal sheet to try and make masks. I don’t have the machine yet but on your advice I downloaded the software. I’m getting a little lost following your steps once I have the jpeg uploaded to the software. How are you getting the image sized to the correct scale and then what did you use to isolate and trace one area. Lastly, once you do get a part isolated and traced out, can you go in and clean up the red lines? Thanks, Leo
  5. Got my pilots in position and painted. Not gonna be featured in a Verlinden catalog, but should look pretty decent with everything buttoned up.
  6. Got my little pilots in their seats. Still have to get the details painted and shadows etc. Figures are not my strong suit, however, I hope they will be acceptable once everything is buttoned up.
  7. Jumping around a bit on this one. I'm trying to address any modifications first. So I figured that since I was making this one in-flight, I should at least have a couple pilots at the controls. So Ive been chopping up some spare figures. However, I think the ergonomics for the scale cockpit are a bit off. Anyone have similar experiences with some words of advice? Thanks, Leo
  8. Thanks Dennis! I was definitely thinking about tire replacements since the kit vinyl ones don’t fit in the wells. But then I noticed that my HK B-17 had extra main mounts on the sprues. My plan is to sand the bulge down a bit and point the flat part toward the gear leg. My feeling is that the flattened part will be barely noticeable with the gear doors in place. Also since it will be wall mounted, no one will ever see them anyway. Thanks, Leo
  9. Started the process to open up the little side windows next to the tunnel gun...
  10. The only other thing I'm planning is to add a tunnel gun as opposed to the belly turret.
  11. Trying to get this one going with some of my free time. Currently, I'm modifying the landing gear so I can have it up and hopefully be able to adapt a HK B-17 wall mount to hold it up. My plan is to eventually wall mount it with an acrylic dust case around it. Also, I'm trying Imgur for the photos, so bear with my while I figure it out.
  12. Wow wow wow! Looking amazing! I love the paint fading! Great progress! Any info you’d like to share on the weathering techniques you used? Leo
  13. Any chance someone has a copy of this sheet with Teggie Ann and the Liberandos markings they could scan and email me? Thanks, Leo leoasman97@gmail.com
  14. Beautiful! Care to give a breakdown of the steps you took to achieve that great finish?
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