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  1. Those Revell instructions are FAR better than the dragon ones!!!! Thanks!
  2. A couple weeks ago, I found a thread here that someone had photographed and numbered the sidewall parts of the wheel well. I thought I saved it, but now I can't find it. Anyone else have that saved? Sure would help me save me a lot of time trial and erroring the small pieces. Thanks, Leo
  3. Wow! Beautiful collection! I tend to have real trouble with NMF. What is your technique? Leo
  4. I am aware of all the known issues, and I don’t think anything has significantly changed with this version. However, I was very pleasantly surprised to find the nose glass to be clear and without a seam. I think most of the early -Ds did not have the belly turret, so I will probably plug up the hole. Also, I plan to build a rig similar to HK to hang it on the wall next to my B-17. The bomb bay appears to be workable for that purpose. Ultimately, it looks mostly like a B-24 and I know I’ll building it!
  5. So I preordered the HB 1/32 B-24D from squadron a couple months ago and they preauthorized my CC. Then about 3 weeks ago I got another charge alert from squadron. I called and the gentleman said that’s a monthly revolving authorization and the kit wouldn’t be in until November. Today I got a shipping notice about a package coming from squadron weighing 9 pounds. So, has anyone else gotten their kit or a shipping notice? The kit is no longer listed on their site... Thanks, Leo
  6. Got my F/G-2 set today in California. Looks really great! I no longer have a computer with a disk drive. Is the info on the CD available online?
  7. I wonder if the seat above is not sagging due to age or perhaps was designed so that a parachute would fit in the “sunken†portion. Therefore, the parachute becomes the seat pad. Also, I wonder if this is not actually a seat out of a G-2? There are no seatbelts on the radio side of the seat indicating only 2 crew members versus the three that I believe were in a night fighter... Total speculation on my part, but I also spent some time trying to figure out the aft seat as well.
  8. Each squadron (VRC-30 and VRC-40) send detachments with the carrier air wings when the deploy. VRC-30 has a permanent det based with the air wing at Atsugi, but technically still fall under the squadron umbrella at North Island NAS. Each detachment typically consists of two aircraft and around 60 personnel.
  9. If you are going to stick with the same air wing as your fantastic Prowler, you'll have to do VRC-30 Det 5. Plus I'm prejudiced toward them since I was in the squadron from 2000-2003! Can't wait to see how it turns out! Leo
  10. I'll buy the stinger tail! Leo leoasman97@gmail.com
  11. Any further info on how you did the starboard waist position? I would like to do the same thing! Leo
  12. Is that an E-2 on the right? Pretty cool, but may I suggest a nice Greyhound instead? Warm the heart of a former COD driver! Very nice work all around!
  13. Wow, what a cool idea! I've always liked the look of the post apocalyptic vehicle models with a 109 fuselage or P-38 tail boom. This will be fun to watch!
  14. Hi Kevin, I can send you some more. How many photos do you like to have? I can probably get a shot of the belly and some in progress shots as well. Thanks, Leo
  15. Thanks John, I know where the warts are and where I got lazy... I didn't focus on them for the pictures. For instance, the instructions don't direct you to add the underwing bomb racks, but they should be there and the under wing crosses are wrong as well. I ended up rushing and using the decals on the fuselage. They're pretty noticeable on the starboard side, probably because of poor prep work. Overall, I got rushed because I got the Tamiya Corsair for Christmas and I've been chomping at the bit to start it. However, I didn't want to put this one aside. It looks good in my case and looks pretty good as a "3 footer"! So I'm pretty happy with it.
  16. Glad to complete another one without it migrating to the "shelf of doom"! Pretty easy build aside from that pesky wing seam. I used the last of my gunze aqueous RLM 70/71 for the top colors with assorted Tamiya for the rest and used the terrific HGW seat belts. I painted the wing crosses, but used the kit decals for everything else. Not my best work overall, but I hope you like! Thanks, Leo
  17. Another update on this one. I started getting frustrated with some paint issues, but I'm finally near the finish line. The wing crosses are painted on, but I decided to go for it with the fuselage markings and use the kit decals. So far so good.
  18. More on this one. It is a big model! Got the construction done and I'm moving on to painting. I got the yellow wing tips done and masked the code letter off. Then I got the first coat of Rlm 65 down. I also borrowed a bomb from my Ju-88 kit and got it painted. I fully recognize that the colors are probably off, but I found some evidence online that showed 500 kg bombs painted field blue with the little yellow stripe. I thought it would look cool and different, so I went for it. I also scratchbuilt or "rebuilt" the cradle.
  19. Uh oh, I didn't realize. More stuff I wished I knew at the beginning... I hate to be lazy, but it may become part of the rest of the inaccuracies. After all, it will only be me looking at it occasionally in the case! Well, and my wife who will momentarily feign interest for my sake!
  20. Ok, finally got those pesky seems to disappear! Definitely not my strong suit...
  21. That's a good idea! I wish i had done that on this build! I want to build the Hasegawa G-2 as Rudel's bird and I'll try that. I reread "Stuka Pilot" to get psyched up for this build and have wanted to do his aircraft for a while.
  22. I know, and I'm sure I didn't do something right that led to the gaps, but hopefully I'll be able to get them to disappear without ghost seams appearing later on...
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