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  1. Looking forward to this Alex! I've got a A6M5 in the works so will be taking plenty of notes!
  2. Great detailing John. PE work sure takes a lot of patience but it's worth it!
  3. Given that the reference photos show the balkenkreuz was before the white I reckon you'd be safe to assume the hakenkreuz was too.
  4. Lovely work John, excellent detail as always! I like the look of those tools - I've so far refrained from investing in a Dremel as the RPMs are generally too high and I'm continually frustrated by trying to do detailed sanding with my clumsy fingers or other makeshift tools!
  5. That nose assembly looks fantastic Anthony, very convincing detail!
  6. Looking good Alex! You can always tone down the hinomarus with a bit of post-shadiing and fading if you're not happy.
  7. Another great model John! The weathering is very nice and natural down to subtle details like chipping on the undersides - using the sponge method?
  8. Howdy folks, back with pics. Some staining and streaking and general grime on the upper side with oils and enamels. She's about ready for a flat coat now then the final layer of weathering and assembly. Thanks for stopping by!
  9. I like the splatter pre-shade, nice staining effect.
  10. Excellent John! Will watch with interest as I'm thinking of tackling my first Japanese subject for my next build...
  11. Thanks very much Kev, appreciate it! I must admit it felt a bit incongruous applying detailed weathering around those wheel wells! After being off the bench for a good while though, I'm using this heritage build to get the mojo flowing again and as an opportunity to practice and experiment with a few techniques, so I'm not too fussed. Next layer of weathering is done on the top side, back with pics soon ...
  12. Cool Alex, be good to see how that pre-shading turns out! Don't stress it Alex, I intentionally make my pre-shade lines rough and irregular which I believe gives a superior result to neat straight lines which result in a geometric pattern which, in my humble opinion, simply doesn't look real. This is sometimes best done as a post-shade too, using a darker shade of the topcoat or Tamiya Smoke. Look forward to seeing how it turns out!
  13. Looks good John, the post-shading is looking nice and subtle - just right!
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