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  1. Thanks very much Sepp, Rod, and Reuben, the kind comments from folks around here certainly give me extra inspiration!
  2. Thanks very much guys, I appreciate your comments!
  3. Spectacular effort Brett! The raised rivet detail combined with spot on weathering is fantastic - congratulations!
  4. Thanks Kev, Ernest, and Maru, appreciate your comments! Thanks Maru for suggesting the engines thread, have posted the Double Wasp over there.
  5. Great engines all! Thanks Tom for starting the thread and Maru for the suggestion - engines and cockpits can really be little models within a model! Here's my R-2800 Double Wasp from Tamiya's magnificent F4U-1A kit. Cheers, Kirby
  6. Thanks Maru, appreciate your comments! Yes, it took me many hours, more than I was planning. The problem is once I start adding detail I tend to get a bit carried away!
  7. Beautiful model John, been a pleasure to follow along! Have bookmarked this as a reference for when I eventually start my bigger 1/24 Mossie... Cheers, Kirby
  8. Great work John, I particularly like the weathering job you've done on the tyres - very convincing!
  9. Hey guys, my latest Tamiya A6M5 Zero. Eduard interior set and some scratch building. Cheers, Kirby
  10. Thanks Rockie, Jamme, and Mark, appreciate your comments! You're right John, my spares box is full of half used PE frets! Ah thanks Ryan, I was looking for a picture of the other wall - good to know the PE is accurate for at least one side! So, after giving it some thought I've decided to use the PE enhancement on both sides of the wheel well despite inaccuracy of the lightening hole positions on one side because a) it will look significantly better than simply drilling the holes, and b) the PE ribs are designed to fit properly with both
  11. Looking terrific John! The 262 really does have beautiful lines. Love your idea of holding small parts with a suitable attachment point with a pin vice!
  12. Just catching up on this one Tom. Fantastic thread, extra special to do a model with personal meaning and you're doing a great job with it! Cheers, Kirby
  13. Ha, hope you're enjoying the heatwave Ryan! The summer here hasn't actually been much chop but will be improving towards the end of the week when I'll be heading down the coast for a surf... Thanks for the pictures above, the information you're providing for this build is both invaluable and fascinating! I can easily extend the gap backwards and drill three small bolt holes. The gap on the model looks too wide so I'll either have to live with that or perhaps try and add some shim to try and achieve the correct width. I can probably represent the raised rivets with drybrushing after
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