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  1. Continuing to look fantastic John! Here's the underside of a Coastal Command mossie with some interesting weathering.
  2. Hi folks, I'm afraid work has kept me off the bench for the bulk of this month so no updates but a bit of progress. As of my last update, I'd decided the subject of this build will be a Nakajima-built A6M5 based at Meiji air base in late 1944. Deciding on a land-based bird has allowed me to make some decisions on the cockpit layout, particularly the radio equipment set up. Zeroes carried 2 radio systems, one for voice communication and another for radio direction finding. The Type 1 ku Model 3 RDF system consisted of (from left to right in the image below) a control box located in
  3. That bomb bay area is looking simply fantastic John. Great photo too, haven't seen that one before!
  4. Thanks very much guys! So, I've made a call on the subject for the build at last - it's going to be tail code 210-105 of the 210 Kokutai. The 210 Kokutai was formed on 15 September 1944 to defend the home islands which were by then coming into range of allied bombers. Based at Meiji air base near Nagoya, the 210 Kokutai would defend the home islands against air attacks and later in 1945 fly against allied forces invading the Ryukyu Islands as part of the Divine Wind. I don't have any reference photos of 210-105 or much information such as c/n so any information would
  5. That bomb bay area is already looking killer John and will look even better with the extra detail!
  6. I'd agree with that summation Alex. On some of the A6M2 wrecks you can clearly see red oxide primer so I would say they were well painted and cared for early in the war. I also read on one of the sites that early in the war Japanese paint was considered very good quality. Carrier-borne aircraft would have also been kept out out of the elements in the below deck hangars. As you say, from what I can gather as resources became scarce later in the war after the shift to the green/grey camo scheme, many aircraft were painted unprimed and probably received minimal maintenance operating from the hars
  7. Going the extra mile Chuck, it will make all the difference in the end!
  8. This is coming together beautifully Alex - have a good break!
  9. Looking very nice indeed Alex! I like the aotake tin!
  10. No argument with the colour of the real object John, it just looks a bit overt to me in 1/32 scale and "sticks out" from the rest of your beautiful work. Personally, I would tone it down a bit for scale effect.
  11. That looks simply awesome John, love the detail! Very minor point, I agree with you, you could perhaps tone down the red on the shells with a touch up or wash.
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