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1/32 PCM Fw 190A-4

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Not often l post a build here anymore. Quite frankly takes me a while these days to finish anything due to general life getting in the way. l managed to get this one done as the renovation industry is slow this time of year hence why l have time . This is the older Pacific Coast Model boxing of the Fw 190A-1/2/3 without the new A-4 conversion. Fortunately l have an old Haseagawa kit in an old Revell rebox version that l took the engine out of and bit and pieces for this build. l did it in the markings of an unknown pilot that flew this aircraft during the Battle of Kursk.



For the BMW 801 engine l started out with this oldie that used to be in the old Hasegawa offering







l made this engine with a lot of modifications and bits and pieces of brass, plastic wire and solder




The wing gun bays were also scratch built . l used the MDC 20 mm cannons in th wings




Eduard PE landing flaps that were meant for the Hasegawa A-5 kit which l believe this PCM kit was based on


















Thus here is the end result. This project was without it's problems with solutions but to be honest if l was to do Another PCM 190A  l would just build it straight out of the box with scratchbuilt flaps only. Do not mind the work but l think l will stick to kits with either the engine already there like the new Revell offering. l have done other kits with some scratch built interiors but this one extended the envelop for me a bit.


Hacker..  190A-4 dusted, bench cleanup in progress, beer in hand *hic* :beer:

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