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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time. Steve S.
  2. Really like what you've done here - bravo!! Regards, Steve S.
  3. Excellent work and a truly inspiring build! Does the Foxbot sheet 32001 include Ukranian roundels or did you source them elsewhere?
  4. Just about to start this kit so your article is very welcome! Superb work by the way! Regards, Steve S.
  5. That does look painful! Hope you are back on form very soon. Regards, Steve S. - one very satisfied customer!
  6. Loving watching this great build - thank you!! Steve S.
  7. Hi Tom - apologies for coming late to the party! I'm seeing some excellent work which I'll find very useful - thank you! Keep up the good work! Regards, Steve S.
  8. Hi Richard - many thanks for your info which, although it's not FM104 specific, does provide other info like the shape of the observation windows at the rear which look very pronounced. I've now bookmarked KB882 restoration so will keep abreast of it's progress. Again many thanks Richard! Regards, Steve S.
  9. Thanks Ron and Uncarina your input gratefully received. Seems logical that they'd be black with a fair degree of wear and tear so that's how I'll proceed. I'd love to see your WIP Uncarina! Thanks again chaps, Steve S.
  10. Hi all - wanting to build the beautiful HK Models Avro Lancaster as a RCAF Mk 10 MR. I think I now the main differences but I don't know the colours of the interior of the undercarriage bays and doors - would they have stayed night or would they have been repainted in RAF interior green? Also I seem to remember someone built this before but I can't locate the article. Any help gratefully received. Regards, Steve S.
  11. I meant "all the way through" - apologies for 'fat finger syndrome'! Regards, Steve S.
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