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  1. Fantastic sight and most definitely sound!! Thank you Graham!
  2. Hi Jennings - I'm delighted to report that I've purchased one of each of the JASDF Eiko decals in 1/32 scale. Sadly the USMC Corsair decals are out of stock - does this mean temporarily or permanently? Is there any chance you have a 'spare' set knocking about you can sell me? Hopefully!!!, Best regards, Steve S.
  3. Happy to wait patiently Jennings BUT this week sounds good!! Regards, Steve S.
  4. From one MGBV8 owner/driver to another, lovely work!! Steve S.
  5. Beautiful work - again!! Really enjoy seeing your builds. Steve S.
  6. Thanks Jennings - I'll be on this like a rash tomorrow!!
  7. Good news - I'll be in touch soonest!
  8. Great news Jennings - as i've said before I'd like 1 of each, markings and stencils, plus the Corsair USMC all in 32nd. scale. I take it I'll need to order/pay via Fundekal site which doesn't currently show the 104 sheets. I look forward to your advices. Regards, Steve S.
  9. Hi Jennings - any update as to the availability of these decals pleas.
  10. Many thanks Jennings, I'll diary it for w/c 21.10. and order all 3 sheets together to save on postage - I am a pensioner you know!! Regards, Steve S.
  11. Hi Jennings - I'm told decals are very imminent! I've sent an email direct to fundekals to pre-order 1 x each of the markings and stencils - will this be sufficient? I've also asked for 1 x USMC F4U Corsair sheet - trust this is OK? Clearly I'd like all these 3 sheets in 32nd. scale. Best regards, Steve S
  12. You're welcome - I only tell it as i find it!
  13. I have a copy and I must say that it 'ticks all the boxes' so with ZMs' kit on it's way, it'll be a great source of info!! P.S. - I have NO CONNECTION with Chandos Publishing in any way other than being a very satisfied customer!! Steve S.
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