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  1. Everything everyone else said and a bit more! Excellent!
  2. Still watching this build Kevin so I'd be really happy if you got back to it and continued working your magic!! Regards Steve S.
  3. Great scheme and great work! Steve S.
  4. Very nice and even better alongside your Sufa!! Excellent work!! Regards, Steve S.
  5. Dave, you are the 5 week wizard!! I saw this beauty at Telford last month and I could tell by the amount of people around you all the time that, as I am , they too were well impressed, not only by your huge effort, but also by Neil's Lancaster. For me it captures the beauty of this iconic bomber to a tee! I for one can live without the 'oil canning' of the WNW kit but it's there should you choose; however think on this - I think it very likely that a number of very brave souls will want to modify, 'improve' or even alter this Lanc to a Manchester or a Lincoln or maybe even a York - good luck on that! - so how does the home modeller recreate the oil canning? Just a thought! In meantime thanks Dave, thanks for being so quick of the mark and showing us this beauty and a very big thanks to Neil Yan of HK for sticking with it - now Neil, where's the FG.1/FGR.2 Phantom you promised???? Best regards to all and, if it's not too early, a very Merry Xmas to one and all! Steve S.
  6. Hi All - I, along with my son, will be at Telford both days this weekend manning the Aggressors and Adversary SIG alongside Bolton IPMS in Hall 1. I look forward to meeting and greeting. Regards, Steve S.
  7. Once again Ivan you come to the rescue of a fellow LSP'er!! Excellent!! Regards, Steve S.
  8. These look absolutely excellent and about the same size as "EggPlanes" - they're gonna be a must have for me to compliment my KittyHawk 1/32nds!! All I need now is the KittyHawk F.5F to appear here in the UK!!! Regards, Steve S. - 'PhantomPhanatic' but also an F.5 lover
  9. Come on Jennings, let's have a wee bit more info please! Are you talking generic '104 nations or JASDF specific? My vote is for JASDF generic rather than a specific aircraft as Dave Williams suggests but that's just me!! Regards, Steve S.
  10. Absolutely fantastic work! Keep it up right to the end - it'll be a stunning model to see!! Best regards, Steve S.
  11. Hi Ivan - can I just say what tremendous work you've done for all us committed F5 followers!! Bravo! Regards, Steve S. P.S. - I am now the happy possessor of an Italeri TF.104G so I'll be sending you dimensions as discussed.
  12. This, along with their forthcoming F5E and F together with USAF TF/F 104s', will be making their way into my stash as soon as they pop up here in the UK!!! The series is a brilliant set of little kits which really aid in not losing your modelling mojo!! Steve S. - waiting patiently for my Italeri TF104G.
  13. Dear All - Hannants here in the UK has just listed as in stock the long awaited TF.104G at £99.99. Happy Days!!! Steve S.
  14. Hi Jennings - I voted YES and would vote YES again and again for you to provide decals for JASDF '104s'!!! No instructions wouldn't be a biggy for me as there is a fair bit of info out there but I would plead with you to provide Hinomarus' as I, like a lot of modellers I know, really don't like masking, simple as it is! Stencils, squadron emblems and JASDF lettering is what's required, in my view and if you do this, in early 2019 even, I'll be a happy bunny! My money is ready and waiting for you. Excellent job on the Corsair decals by the way!!! Best regards, Steve S.
  15. Couldn't agree more with you RoyBoy!! Sadly JASDF markings for any of the post war jets etc has been only poorly supported and could well be a winner for someone as JASDF have flown F.86, F.86D, F.104, F.4 and F.15 to name but a few and there has been some really fantastic schemes on their aircraft!! Let's hope someone takes note and steps in to fill this yawning gap!! Regards, Steve S.
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