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  1. I meant "all the way through" - apologies for 'fat finger syndrome'! Regards, Steve S.
  2. Excellent work and an unusual and very eye catching scheme!! Bravo! Steve S.
  3. Awesome! Norbert really does produce some stunning figure models!! Steve S.
  4. Just bought this together with the He 219 'book' and on first thumb through, they seem excellent! If only my modelling skills were at this level!! Regards, Steve S.
  5. Hi Kev - sorted out an account and I've ordered the P.51 together with the He 219 E books. Looking forward to using them! Regards, Steve S.
  6. Hi Kevin - yes I'd like to purchase but which Forum do I create account under? As you can probably tell I'm not that blessed in the computer skills department! Regards, Steve S.
  7. Hi D.B. - this is a great idea and one I shall avail myself of very shortly. From what I've seen so far you look like you are concentrating on WW II fighters - any chance you would add TF/F 104 gear to you 'to do list'? Regards, Steve S.
  8. I agree with Lothar and all the others - this is fantastic work Alex and a joy to follow!! Have you considered 'selling' this to someone like Tamiya or HKM then we could all have a brilliant B.26!!? Best regards, Steve S.
  9. Fantastic sight and most definitely sound!! Thank you Graham!
  10. Hi Jennings - I'm delighted to report that I've purchased one of each of the JASDF Eiko decals in 1/32 scale. Sadly the USMC Corsair decals are out of stock - does this mean temporarily or permanently? Is there any chance you have a 'spare' set knocking about you can sell me? Hopefully!!!, Best regards, Steve S.
  11. Happy to wait patiently Jennings BUT this week sounds good!! Regards, Steve S.
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