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  1. I'm holding out for the 1/32 Tamiya rendition of this one, as well as the B-24.
  2. I've got five Revell F-8s and two A-8/R2s in the stash so I need to come up with a solution. May just make a resin copy of the Hasegawa engine plug and see how well that works. I'll post it if I come up with something that works.
  3. Has anyone tried simplifying the Revell build? I was considering trying to build up the whole cowling assembly and then cutting a round piece of styrene to mount the engine to and insert it. In essence this would be very similar to the Hasegawa design of an engine plug.
  4. FWIW, had an extensive discussion on 109 slats on another forum many years ago. It was noted that when Gunther Rall was still alive and asked by someone whether the slats were normally open or closed on the ground he stated that the ground crew usually pushed them shut to prevent any build up of debris. I've modeled mine both ways.
  5. Oh I have about 10 Hasegawa 190's in the stash and I love them, but I got a REALLY good deal on the Revell F-8s ($6 each) so I just couldn't pass them up.
  6. I'd love to see that with an integrated engine plug like the Hasegawa kits. Really don't have any interest in fiddling around assembling an engine that will never be seen with panels closed anyway.
  7. Great to see an IM 1/32 CR. 42 but still a little baffled by the lack a Macchi 202 in 1/32. Maybe Kitlinx will release the old PCM version but come on, beautiful aircraft with tons of great paint schemes and markings. Seems like a no brainer.
  8. Sad but true. I don't think we'll see those prices any more, mid $20's for the 109s and P-51s was a great price.
  9. I don't see anything there that wasn't available before Revell had all their financial difficulties and their US distribution went belly up. Nothing recent like their Fw 190A-8/R2.
  10. The 2mm is on the Hasegawa G's is much ado about nothing IMO. It looks the part and doesn't distract from the end product in the least.
  11. Curious since their "1/43" 109G-6 was absolutely crucified (justifiably so) and they want back and actually re-did it. Their Emil is not perfect but it's still a decent kit. They could upscale their current line of 109s up to 1/32 and it would be a license to print money, really don't understand why they have a such a tough time with 1/32.
  12. I think it will be a good kit. Of course if I can't buy it from a US distributor at a reasonable price, it's a moot point. Beginning to think Revell is never going to get their US distribution problems solved and I'm not going to pony up shipping charges from Europe unless it's something I really, really want. With six Me 262s already in the stash this kit doesn't qualify as "must have" for me.
  13. I'm sure the Revell 262 single seater will be a great kit, just like the two seater. As mentioned before, those of us in the US may never see it at a reasonable price over here though. I've got three Trumpeter single seaters and a two seater and they're great kits, and reasonably priced for what you get. I don't mind the rivets at all.
  14. If you take the kit as a whole, the Hasegawa 109Gs are the best Gustavs available as well as being the only option for the Friedrich. The G suffers from some errors but makes up for it in terms of superb engineering and fit. It's a model so how it goes together should count as well. Still the king IMHO (and I've built a lot of 109s).
  15. 1/32 P-38....from a reliable source.
  16. Be interested to see the price. Eduard has discontinued their E-7 and Dragon Emils in general have become somewhat difficult to find. Trumpeter's E-7 is really not an option for me unless I become really desperate.
  17. Ah OK, now I remember. Kommodore of JG 51, but not Molders.
  18. Quickboost and Eduard both make exhausts for the 109, they may be listed for a "G" but are also appropriate for an "F".
  19. It appears the whole Staffel received this paint scheme. These aircraft were originally destined for North Africa and were delivered in overall RLM 79. After being diverted to 9./JG 3 they received the RLM 75 and 70 to make the camo more suitable for the Eastern Front.
  20. Doesn't the Hasegawa 1/32 F-2 come with these decals? The one with Assi Hahn's ride on the box art.
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