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Thomas Lund

Hong Kong Models B-25J bomber 'Peggy Lou'

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So... this is the one I've decided to enter.


Ï started this a few years ago but it ground to a halt pretty early. I counted 40 parts involved in what I've done, so out of the kits 514 (not even counting the extra's) then it's 8%... that should be ok I guess.


I plan to do a Corsican B-25. I've always liked the combination of camo over the NMF finish and apart from that I've always had a thing for the covers of Squadrons In Action books. On the cover of my is 'Peggy Lou' of the 445BS, 321BG that completed an impressive 129 missions - and I've always wanted to do that one




Note that the artwork is actually not correct, I'll show that later.


For this I've collected for this build:


The Kit - looks great in the box:



A liiiitle bit of PE




And a little resin





What I've already done is the engine basic structures (2 x 9 parts), wings (2 x 2 parts), nacelles (2 x 2 parts) and tail section (14 parts)










So that's it - off we go




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5 hours ago, Gerhard said:

Very good choice, I must get my hands on one of these as well. Are they still available, or OOP?


Gerhard, they are still available here and there. Hannants' got some

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5 minutes ago, Phartycr0c said:

I can only agree, the B25 kit really is superb, One thing I would say though is grab a set of 50 cal brownings from master barrel, you will be glad you did.  


Yeah - planning to do that. Would be a pity to put all the other stuff in and then let it down with sub-standard guns

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