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So I wanted to try something new (I think I've mentioned it before). I painted

a white decal sheet with MRP RAF roundel blue. Then I ran that thru my Silhouette

to cut some decals rather that applying masks or printing decals.




The text turned out alright but for this particular project I needed fifty some diamonds. ( I wasn't thinking ahead on this one :rolleyes:)

Since the diamonds aren't connected, I had to apply them one at a time. I thot I could get away with it but needless to say it was

a nightmare trying to line them up the way they should be so I rinsed them and the name completely off and decided to go ahead

and just print everything. (I have to keep reminding myself that this supposed to be a quick fun project  :))


Like I said , the text looked OK but I decided it was too heavy looking so I took it all off.




I think the method works fine but the 50 seperate diamonds was just too much.

So I've got the decals printed and they''re in the process of going on now.

Shouldn't be too much longer before she's up and on her feet  ;)



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On ‎11‎/‎4‎/‎2018 at 10:42 AM, MikeC said:

Dark red nose - 356th FG at Martlesham Heath by any chance? 


Looking good in any case.

Thought so. Still looking good - good luck with the diamonds. Incidentally, MrsC and I drove past Martlesham only the other day.

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Thank you men !


Shawn , since , in this case, none of the diamonds actually touch each

other, the connection between each diamond would be verrry thin.  I

personally decided it woud be unmanageable.  I suppose you could

do it tho ...   if you were a masochist !






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