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  1. The blast tubes were unpainted stainless steel.
  2. To answer your first question, yes. The 75 gallon tank is the same standard tank used by the P-51.
  3. I know that place! LBE is home, I took my PP training from Vee Neal back in the early 80s. Is the right-hand pattern for 23 still standard there?
  4. Nah, it goes farther back than that. NASA became obsolete the minute Apollo 11 was picked up out of the ocean (if you want to be generous, make it Apollo 12, as that proved the first time wasn't a fluke)- the race was won at that point, and they haven't had a vision since then. Yeah, the Space Shuttle was really cool, and I'm glad I got to see one launch, but it never really seemed to have a long-term purpose. Kinda like the agency overall at this point.
  5. I don’t think you’ll get a 100%, iron-clad, bulletproof answer to that question. Go with what you think looks best. FWIW, I fall in the Medium Sea Gray camp, based on a conversation I had with the man himself.
  6. Aside from the Whale and the Savage, no carrier aircraft is really that large. There's only so much room available and they have to fit on the elevators.
  7. I don't know if I'd consider it a "steal", but that's a price I'm willing to pay for one - it should be delivered tomorrow along with a few other things I needed.
  8. Posted photos are of fragmentation bomb clusters loaded on P-47 bomb racks, both wing and centerline, and with and without a larger GP bomb also loaded.
  9. Might want to check your math. 2021-1967=54.
  10. Most interesting; I never knew that. OK, I can go back to bed now - I learned something new so the day has been a success. I wonder if that was something that was added as part of updates, or if it was always there? Detail and Scale didn't say anything about an internal step.
  11. I didn’t think the F-5 had an internal boarding ladder; I thought it was a separate piece of SE like is in the 1/32 Hasegawa kit?
  12. I have a Trumpeter asymmetric prop that I'd be happy to send to you. I also have what appears to be a Hasegawa asymmetric Curtiss prop, but since Hasegawa only provides one of the bullet domes (part D16) for the front, it is lacking that (I used the bullet dome on the symmetric prop I used on my airplane). If you have that piece, you can have the Hasegawa one instead. But it may take a while to get halfway around the world... If it helps, the Hasegawa asymmetric prop looks to be sprue "Q".
  13. And by that time, VA-147 had converted to FA-18s and become VFA-147. The only A-7 line squadrons in DS were VA-46 and VA-72.
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