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New junior member: 1:35 Churchill Mk.VII

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Hi guys I'm Cameron most of you probrably know my dad Iain and I am new to the forum and I am 11 in April.
(above) This is one of last years buys that I have only just started.
(above) I bought this Tamya Churchill Mk VII when I was at The Tank Museum during the summer holidays.
(above/bellow) Here it is ready for paint.
(bellow) My dad also decided to get one because of the extra figures included, we also agread to get the metal gun barel and (because I know a lot more about tanks) I helped him a lot through the build. :coolio:
I hope that you liked my first post, I hope there to be many more to come and if anyone has any cool tank photos I would be happy to see them.


Cameron Ogilvie

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Welcome aboard Cameron! Your off to a great start!.. Harv

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Welcome and nice work, always liked the Churchill.


Maybe not the greatest tank from WW11 but gave birth to a lot of engineering vehicles which is my particular interest.


Made the 'cotton reel' carpet layer a while ago with the wading screens and hanker after the ARV from accurate armour.


Hope you continue to enjoy your modelling and keep up the good work.




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