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HK B-17G WIP Update 9/27/18 Guns and Small Bits

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It's about time I put together another WIP as to how things are progressing with my HK Models B-17G which will wear the markings of my Grandfather's 96th BG bird. He was a bombardier, flying 13 missions out of Snetterton Heath before the end of the war. After the end of hostilities, he remained in Europe until 1946, to include missions during Operation: Chow Hound, where food and supplies were delivered to Dutch refugees. Stuff still needed to be dropped out of the bomb bay, so he stuck around! Anywho, on to the pictures, and some descriptions. I'm not sure what I have posted already, so if there's any duplicates with a previous thread, I apologize. As always, comments and critiques are welcome!


Let's start up front, and move our way backwards. I scratch-built the chin turret motor mechanism that would appear above the nose floor. The spare parts box and some creative wiring brought this area to life. Uschi wood-grain decals were used to dress up the plywood floor and Navigator's table. Eduard photoetch, MasterDetails oxygen tanks and hoses, and LiveResin flexible ammo chutes (albeit in 1/35 scale) were used to complete the area.















Let's move to the cockpit next. Again, Eduard photetch has been used here, and I used a Tamiya rattle can for the dull dark green color that was present on B-17 cockpits. Resin2Detail seats with belts and MasterDetails oxygen pieces round out the cockpit area:











Next, I used parts from the G and the E/F kit to make a more accurate top turret. Again, it is painted dull dark green, and it has a MasterDetails oxygen tank installed:






Moving on to the bomb bay, this is back to natural metal, and it has Eduard photoetch to compliment the kit parts. Kit bombs were used, along with Tamiya bomb stencils from their P-51D kit:










More to come in post #2...




- Dennis S.

  Thornton, CO USA

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Moving on to the radio room, I again used Uschi wood grain decals to capture the plywood sections of the radio room floor. Eduard photoetch was used to compliment the area as well:








And finally, the waist area. I used Eduard photoetch and Brassin guns, LiveResin flexible ammo chutes, and MasterDetails oxygen tanks. Additionally, I recently tried my hand at casting AN-6514 parachutes for each crew member in resin. I still have to make a master for the C-2 life raft for each crew member, and cast those in resin before installing. Once those are in the fuselage, I can seal her up! We're moving right along...









And here is where we are headed...







Enjoy! Again, comments and critiques are welcome. Thanks for taking a look!


- Dennis S.

  Thornton, CO USA

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Guest Maxim

Nice work! The wood grain decals look great. It's coming along nicely and I wait to see more progress.

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12/1/17 Progress continues!


The fuselage has been sealed up, and the fit was pretty darn good. It will take some TLC because of the future natural metal finish, but nothing a little elbow grease won't solve.







The interior looks suitably busy as well, and everything fit as intended. Phew!







While the fuselage was drying, I finished up the top turret...






... and the ball turret.






So... what's next? Well, the wings of course. I'll be diving into the wheel wells next week, and we'll see how far I can get in a few days. Body work will also begin on the fuselage, and maybe in the not too distant future, some paint!


Speaking of, any good suggestions for painting the natural metal on this bird? I have never used Alclad before, and I am thinking about giving it a shot. Would love any input from the consensus here. Thanks for taking a look!


- Dennis S.

  Thornton, CO USA

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Beautiful work Dennis! I use alclad for most of my natural metal aircraft. The trick is prep work. A SMOOTH glossy black base coat and letting the alclad build up into a natural looking metallic surface. Also sealing with their various clear coats from gloss to flat helps the look stay that way and seal in any decal work. 

Test is out on a smaller aircraft to practice using it. Definitely worth the effort. 


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