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Wingnut Wings Fokker E.II

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Hey everyone,

after having finished the AEG mega build here on LSP, and with the ongoing editing for KLP's publication of the book, i have worked part time on building wingnut wings's beautiful Eindecker. I have been wanting to build an E series Fokker for a long time now, and was lost between building a full scratchbuilt fuselage skeleton one with the RB production skeleton photoetch wings, or building one out of the box really weathered with very little aftermarket thrown in. With the length the AEG too, i felt it was better to get the mojo and stamina restored by taking the easier route for the build and ended up doing a really dirty and weathered rendition of Otto Kissenberth and Eduard Bohme's Fokker E.II 33/15 as photographed in January 1916.

As reference i have used the fantastic Fokker Eindecker Compendium volume 1 and volume 2 along with Windsock datafiles number 15 and number 91.

To the kit i have added HGW textile harnesses and an LF Props wooden Germania propeller. I wasn't very happy with how the propeller came as it had inaccurate hubs so i ended up removing the photoetched hubs and decals that came already on the prop, sanded it smooth with micromesh and then reglossed it before applying the wingnut wings prop decals and sealing them in. Used on the kit also was Uschi Van der rosten's woodgraining decals for the cockpit flooring, EZLine fine for the rigging along with, of course, Bob's Buckles for the connectors and eyelets. I used Gaspatch turnbuckes for the wing turnbuckle ends and white glue to simulate the turnbuckles on the gear structural rigging. The metallic cowling was painted using Tamiya XF16 flat aluminium for the base coat then drawing the squiggles by hand using GSI Mr Metal Color buffable lacquers chrome silver. When buffed it soften the lines alont and helps in blending them in and they kind of change tones and hues depending on the direction of lighting.

Weathering on the Fokker was extensive and all done with oils, mainly Abteilung brand, along with some of the AK products. Some pigments were used to augment the weathering on the gear and tires.

All paints are MRP lacquer and the detail painting is done with Tamiya paints.

The only gripe i had with this kit, and this is the first time, is that i found the rigging diagram from Wingnut Wings not to be clear and somehow inaccurate in some areas. Windsock publications helped out correcting this out. 

Otherwise the kit is a real gem and i really had alot of pleasure seeing it come to life!

The rest of the photos can be found on my blog!

Off i go to start my next model, an Albatros B.II early  :whistle:


As always, stay safe and happy modeling everyone!



PS: All markings were masked and airbrushed except for the stencils...































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